Monday, 13 February 2012

Lane's Curtains!

I finally got up the nerve to sew Lane's curtains.

I know... I know... I've had the fabric for them since last summer.

I just couldn't get enough courage to cut into it.

But I finally took a deep breathe, thought good thoughts and felt a certain curtains sewing vibe yesterday.  I cut it up and voila! New curtains :D

You may remember that I bought this cute strawberry fabric to make these curtains.  The accent is a white on red damask pattern.

Here is Lane pretending to wake up on a bright sunny morning in her big girl bed with her cool new curtains.

I attached the valance right to the curtains and used those handy snap on grommet to thread the curtain onto the rod.  I actually got the grommets from the thrift store - brand new in package for $1.99!

I apologize for the miserable photos.  I still have no idea how to photograph in front of a bright window.

We really need to paint Lane's walls a brighter colour.  That beige is so boring and awful for a little girl.  That is on my list to do this summer!

I bought the tie backs with all the assembly tools at the fabric store for $2.50 and then just sewed the red fabric accent right onto them to make them match the curtains.

I have plans to take that change table that you see in front of the window in some of the photos and turn it into a dresser.  I'll put white baskets lined with the curtains fabric into the bottom two shelves for drawers and use the top shelf for a lamp.

And these curtains let in just enough light so that it can be dark in there during the day when they are shut.  Nice!  I was worried about that and didn't really want to make a lining for them.  The fabric is already thick enough as it is.

 Much nicer than the before eh?

I'm pretty pleased with them.  And Lane loves them which is what really matters.


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anita said...

So pretty! I love the fabric, it's perfect for a little girl's room.