Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Iron Craft 3 - Warm Up

It's been a funny winter this year.  Up and down with the temps. I never quite know what to put on the kids when taking them out.

So when I got the latest Iron Craft challenge, I knew I would have to make something cute that would keep Logan warm and yet would make him want to wear them when it gets super cold.

Here was the challenge:
I don’t know about where you live, but here in Minneapolis February feels like the coldest month of the year, the time when we get the week or so of temps below zero. (Ok, this has been the mildest winter ever this year, but it’s still cold.) With that in mind I’m challenging all the Iron Crafters to make something for the theme Warm Up.

(courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

So here's what I came up with:

Dragon mittens!

I made the mittens out of orange and red fleece.

Then I cut flame-ish scales out of red and yellow felt and pressed them downthe middle to sew them onto the mittens.

Then I cut a dragon tongue out of red felt and sewed that on.

Lastly I sewed on green buttons for eyes.  Logan wanted googly eyes, but the only ones I had were the glue on kind and I know that I'll be washing these mitts a lot and wanted something that would survive the wash.  And I stitched some nostrils onto each mitten as well.

This is Logan's "Why do you always have to take so many pictures of the things you sew for me?" face.

"Really mom?  Why don't you just let me play already. I'm tired of posing for your silly blog."

So I caught him unawares while daddy was buckling him into the car.

And this is his "I caught you sneaking more pictures mom.  You're so lame" face.

Lane really wanted her picture taken though after she figured out what all the commotion was about.  She's a good sport!

As always, follow along with the Iron Craft theme in the Flickr group.


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kat said...

You did such a great job on those. I think every spouse and kid of a crafter gets that, ok enough pictures feeling ;)

Jenny K said...

These are the cutest mittens. Too bad my kids are too old to wear something like that. Nice job.

Unknown said...

Awesome dragon mittens! Looks like Logan thinks so too!

Lisa said...

These are adorable! Very cute idea!

I'm loving the mild winter here in Chicago :)

Kathryn said...

Very clever! They are awesome!