Monday, 6 February 2012

800th Post! Logan's Upcycled Baby Clothes Quilt

What can I show you that is epic enough to fill this 800th blog post?

Do you notice anything new in Logan's room?

No, it's not the sock monkey! Sheesh....

I finally finished Logan's quilt.  It's made from Logan's old baby clothes.  Well the quilt top is anyway.

Remember such classics as "The Cranky Crab"?

Metallica baby?

The t-shirt Terry brought home from his business trip to Ottawa?

Oh so many memories! :D  I appliqued a ton of things that I pulled from Logan's shirts and jammies.  Everything holds a special memory.  This quilt actually made me cry when I was photographing it in all its finished glory.

Even the binding around the edge is made out of old baby clothes.


I patched everything together using whatever random pattern I could to make all the pieces fit.  When you're taking apart baby clothes, you don't have much of a choice as to the size of the pieces and I didn't want to break up the pieces into one of those tiny pieces scrappy quilts.  I wanted most of them to show what was on the t-shirt or pajamas so that they would be easily recognizable.

The quilt is 6 by 6 feet.  Not really long enough to fit all the way onto his bed, but it's pretty big and warm. (And I used almost every piece of fabric I salvaged from his clothes for this quilt!)  I only kept special clothes (like the jammies we brought him home from the hospital in) and clothes that had stains or rips that I could cut around.  I donated all the good clothes.  So don't worry - I didn't cut apart clothes that other kids could find more useful!

The back is pieced together with leftover fabric from the clothes that I have made for Logan.

The lines are crooked and I had to patch a few places to make it all fit with what I had left.

I'm not a fan of quilting, but I loved making this quilt.  So many good memories and fun times to work with.

So forgive the massive imperfections.  I don't pretend to be even a tiny bit adept at quilting.  Logan doesn't see any of those imperfections.  He sees all the fun things appliqued onto his new quilt and mommy's love for taking the time to make it for him.


Have you ever made an upcycled quilt?  Tons of awesomeness isn't it?


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Julie said...

Such a great idea, Tawny, to make the quilt and piece together some of the memories that the fabric holds. "Gratz" (as I've learned they say on Rift) on your 800th post!

PrairiePeasant said...

What a wonderful keepsake! No matter how big he grows, this will always be a keeper!

Unknown said...

Such an awesome quilt! the colors and shapes look great, and your little guy loves it I'm sure. Happy 800 posts! Woohoo!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

totally awesome!

jmommymom said...

My daughter made one from clothes. It turned out cute with tons of memories. It's great to see yours.

Christi said...

I have a tote of my son's baby clothes that I want to make into a quilt. I was saving all his receiving blankets to use for the backside. I just don't have the time to work on this right now... maybe after my life calms down in September. It looks amazing, nice work.

Crystal said...

So impressive! I would LOVE for you to share this awesome mommy solution in my Mommy Club link up! Or any other ideas. Stop over!


Christi said...

I should have added that I only saved my favorite outfits/clothes. I was moving and needed to take less with me but wasn't willing to give up all of his clothes so I made 10 totes into 3. I only kept my favorites. As I was purging I was a crying blubbering mess. I can only imagine when I actually start cutting on the clothes how I am going to be.