Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Iron Craft 4: The Shania Top

Iron Craft #4 challenge:

For this challenge, we put it to you to make something that you have seen and didn’t buy because you thought you would like to try to make a version instead.

(courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

 Well, this creation I saw... and tried to buy.

But unfortunately (or fortunately for this challenge) I couldn't find it anywhere.

You see, this creation appeared in a Shania Twain video.

This one in particular:

Have a look at the top at 1:28 in.  I love it so much!

So here's what I came up with:

Pretty darn good eh?

Instead of the brownish gold bottom part, I used my Megadeth bandana.  You know.. to make it a little more rock than country hehehe

Lane was copying every pose I did right beside me.  So cute!

I wanted to make this top about 2 years ago when the video came out but couldn't find long fringe anywhere.  Then I was wondering around the Fabricland a few months ago and saw some.  Ooohhhh... I knew what I was going to use it for.  Thank goodness for this challenge or I might never have gotten off my butt and made this top.

I can't wait for summer.  I really love this top.

And doesn't this picture look so rock star?  Dude...

I realize that I need to pull the back down slightly to make the connector hook and eyes a little more uniform.  But pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.

Want to see what other catalogue creations the Iron Crafters made. Check out the Flickr Group.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Oscars Pre-Show Fashion Massacre

*** If you want to see who I chose as best and worst dressed on the red carpet, just skip right to the bottom of this post. *****

As some of you have seen on my Facebook Fanpage (I have one of those you know - go there and check it out), I was invited to an Oscars Pre-Show party.  Last year, we all ended up tweeting our fashion comments and reading our friend's comments - alone because our men weren't interested in watching pretty dresses.  This year we decided it would be more fun to share our insights in person.

And we decided to have an evening of being fancy as well.  We had some incredible champagne (thanks Mel for picking out such a yummy one!) and tons of delicious treats.  Dammit! I forgot to take a photo of the treats.

Anyway, I spent all of Saturday afternoon remaking a thrift store dress into a pretty party frock.

Our theme was "Prairie Glam" so you may notice my nice winter tights underneath my dress.  And of course I wore my furry boots and huge winter parka over top of the dress to finish it off in grand style.

I styled my hair into the beeviest beehive ever.

It only took me 10 minutes to do.  Here's an awesome tutorial if you want to style your own.  It was so easy that I think I'm gonna just wear a beehive around on a regular day.  Fancy hair makes me feel happy. :)

And wouldn't you know it - I received the "Best Dressed" award at our Oscars Pre-Show Fashion Massacre party!

Here I am accepting my award:

Notice my friend Selena working as "lint person" on the red carpet, trying to duck out of the camera shot hehehe.  My acceptance speech ran a little long - so when I started to thank Jesus I got the music starting.  Oh well.  I do tend to ramble.

Selena received the award for Most Sarcastic comments.  She hit it out of the park last night and had a lovely baseball guy on top of her award to show it:

Doesn't she look beautiful in blue?  The prairie glam jeggings make this the must have ensemble for any Manitoba Oscar party.

And we can't forget our hostess.  Melanie - thank you so much for hosting this party.  I had a blast!  We definitely need to make this an annual thing.

Gorgeous in purple.  The prairie glam sweater will be seen on Manitoba starlets during this winter season for sure!

And Max the Cat!

He's a little blurry because he was busy moving around and planning a way to sneak a little munch on the tulle bottom of my dress.  He was very friendly to me all evening. He just wanted a chew, maybe just a little nibble.  Hehehehe.  What can I say?  The cat has taste.

I left Mel's house looking a little more festive than it was before I arrived.

The glitter on my gold dress came off on everything!  There was glitter in the car, on my coat, all over my sewing area, on my face, on Selena's face, on the cats, and of course on the couch where I was sitting.  Mel assures me that my unintentional glitter rain is awesome and will update to where the glitter has migrated throughout the week.  Poor Josh - he's gonna have glitter bum for awhile.  Oooops!


And now for my best and worst dressed on the actual red carpet:

I really just wanted to pick everyone for worst dressed because everyone was so boring and safe.  Gah.

I was going to choose the hideous white shroud that Shailene Woodley was wearing:

She's so young and pretty.  Why would she wear something so old lady-ish?

But then Selena posted this number on her Facebook page this morning:

Aww.  Poor Sherri Shepard.  No one told her that her bra was showing.  She wearing almost the same dress (in a different colour) as Melissa McCarthy:

 Only somehow it went very wrong on Sherri and very right on Melissa.

All red carpet photos courtesy of oscar.go.com


Da da da da!  And now for Best Dressed at the Oscars:

Photo Courtesy of thefw.com

Miss Piggy!

Come on - she was wearing a gold dress and had her hair styled in a beehive!

I swear I didn't coordinate my wardrobe with her ahead of time!  (although I did meet her when I was designing for her for Project Project Runway hehehe)

Actually I was sick and skipped the Project Project Runway where I had to design for her.  Apparently I would have killed that design.  I know Miss Piggy's style aesthetic really well apparently.

Well... Okay... so Miss Piggy pulls this look off way better than I do.  But I've got an awesome Angelina Jolie pose goin on. :)

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Showcase: Favecrafts

Yesterday I was up to it again. 

Yes... I was taking something thrifted and turning it into treasure. 

I do this A LOT.

I regularly rummage through our recycling bin to find treasures for the kids to decorate or transform.  I collect odds and ends from things just in case I might need them later.  I never see worn out clothes as trash. They are potentially fabric and snaps and zipper for something else.

So back to yesterday....

I took this dress ($7 thrifted):

And turned it into a pretty dress for a Pre-Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Massacre party that I am going to today.

Stay tuned for the results tomorrow - and of course I'll also post up my worst and best dressed from among the evening's starlets :)

When I start to feel that itch - you know - the "I wanna make something out of something else" itch I like to turn to Favecrafts.

My favourites posts to read are the lists of upcyling/recycling projects that they come up with.

Like this one that features 8 things to do with old sweaters.

It even features Sweater Boots! 

Remember when I made this project?  So much fun!  These sweater boots are my most popular upcycling project on my blog according to Google Analytics. :)

The second most popular upcycling project I have posted on the blog?

This baby! :D  My Ultimate Scrapbuster rug.

Made mostly out of scrap knits - from t-shirts for example.

Favecrafts has a list for that as well: Ten Ways to Repurpose Old T-Shirts.

Their lists are a fantastic resource for inspiration.

Go over there and check 'em out if you haven't already.  They also have an awesome newsletter to round up all of their exciting stuff in one place.

Note: I wasn't paid to do this feature - I just really like this site. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Project Project Runway: Putting On The Glitz

This week's challenge was:

Design a costume for character in Godspell who is wealthy and wants everyone to know just how rich she is. Make it colorful, humorous & slightly exaggerated. The outfit must be comprised of separates.

(Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I'm not really the person to commission to design anything for stage.  I don't go to plays and I certainly have never been to Broadway.  So I struggled a lot with this challenge.

Here's what I came up with:

They further explained this challenge by saying that the person who will be wearing this will have people dress her on stage and that it should look rich but also comprised of stuff you would find in a vintage/thrift store.


So, does it look like my outfit is made of wool?  I don't actually own any wool because I'm super allergic to it.  But I did pick up the piece I used for the pants from the thrift store. :)


I made the pants out of some exaggerated stripes.  And they tie on.  I think this will have a nice effect on stage where this character will be dressed by her peasants/minions(?)... whatever...

 I also think the fingerless gloves will look nice being pulled up her arms on stage.

I made a ruffly scarf that she can throw around her neck and stalk off in a rich bitch sort of move if she'd like hehhee.

I couldn't get the Niemen Marcus website to work for me this week, so the scarf and gloves will be the only accessories this time.

I don't know.  I think I might have pulled a Kenley and went more vintage and less rich.  Gah - I'm not really a high class type of designer. 

I would love this outfit in my size though :)

If you'd like to follow along with all the Project Project Runway designers, please visit the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Weigh In: Good Bye Diet Pepsi


I broke up with Diet Pepsi 3 weeks ago.

It's been the roughest 3 weeks of this weight loss challenge.

Now you may be thinking, why on earth would she break up with Diet Pepsi? It doesn't have any calories.

When I didn't have a Diet Pepsi at 1:00 in the afternoon while the kids had their quiet time, I would have a massive headache by 3:00.  The kind of headache that pounded my brains so much that I could barely see.

Yeah.... I was addicted to aspartame.

So I said goodbye. 


And it hurt.  A LOT!!!!

I had headaches everyday at 3:00 lasting until I went to bed and slept it off.  A lot of Tylenol was consumed. 

But I'm finally free of it.

I still have cravings every afternoon at 1:00, but I've been filling the void with extra water.

Wanna know the best part?

Check out my waist measurement from 3 weeks ago (before I broke up with Diet Pepsi):

It was a whopping 38 inches!  Eeeeshhh.

Today I'm still the same weight as I was 3 weeks ago: 158 lbs.  But my waist measures in at 35.5 inches!


The soda bloat is going away! :D :D :D

So goodbye Diet Pepsi - it's been swell. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Macrame Monday: The Beaded Chinese Braid Bracelet

For today's Macrame Monday I decided to take the Chinese Braid to the next level.

What do you think?

To make this bracelet:

Step One: Cut 8 long strands of threads 2 of the middle colour, 2 of another colour and 4 of the middle colour.  Fold them in half and anchor them with an overhand knot onto a dowel (or pencil like I do).

Step Two: Place beads on each of the 16 strands for about 8-10 inches in length.

Step Three: Follow the Chinese Braid instructions that I linked to in this post.

Step Four: When you get to desired length of project, secure the braid with another overhand knot.

Step 5: Add jewelry closures if you like.  Or you can tie it to your wrist by making two braided tails and securing them through the loop that you made around your dowel (like my traditional friendship bracelets).

Sounds a lot more simple that it really is!

It took me hours to bead all 16 strands.  And then it took me hours to figure out how to braid them together.  The beads make the whole project rather slippery and difficult to keep straight.

I ended up shoving threads under my knees, into my mouth and into various nooks and crannies of my fingers to keep everything straight.  And then I had to unbraid it several times and try again.  Oy!

But it turned out so pretty!

I've never added Jewelry Findings to my projects before.  In fact, I didn't even know they were called Jewelry Findings until I went to Michael's to find a closure to this bracelet.  It took me awhile to figure out how to clamp the threads down, so it's not as good as I would like.  But not bad for the first try!

If I decide to make this bracelet again, I will definitely try to make it on some bendable wire.  That way I can bend it when I'm working on another section of the braid so the beads don't slide off. It might help keep the strands straight while braiding.  And it'll make the bracelet itself a little more stiff.

What do you think?  Should I make another one?  Should I sell them in shop?

I don't really know anything about jewelry selling. I only sell those micro-macrame friendship bracelets (which do really well).  I would have no idea what price point I would have to consider for something like this.  Maybe it wouldn't be worth all the work?


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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Secet Mommyhood Confession Saturday #20

I turned my womb on "clone" instead of "develop from scratch" when pregnant with both my kids.

Me Age 2 1/2
Logan Age 2 1/2

Lane Age 2 1/2

When I asked both kids who was in the photo below they answered:

Logan: "Logan and Mommy."

Lane: "Lane and Mommy."

 Correct Answer: "Mommy and her mommy" or "Tawny and granny Star." (circa 1978)  I think my mom might have put her womb on "clone" for me as well.

 Wasn't my house fabulous by the way? Look at that yellow shag carpeting and the plaid chair! EEEEE! I would kill to have that orange foot stool back.  From what I remember, it had white paint splattered on it by accident.

Thank goodness I only cloned my looks (and my intelligence of course!) and not my heart troubles. 


Sharing this confession with some lovely people over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.

Play along too?


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Project Project Runway: Fashion Face Off

This week's challenge started with the designers choosing a handbag.  Inside that handbag was a season that was to inspire their look.

"This week you are creating sportswear for a weekend getaway. Tell us who your girl is, where she is going  and what season it is. Your budget is $25." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I really liked Mondo's orange stripey handbag, so I chose summer so that my girl could walk down the runway with it :)

I went with a tie dyed stripey look for Pencil.

I actually don't really like how this turned out compared to what I imagined in my head.

I really like the top ruffly bit.


But the skirt was much more fun and flirty in my head.  Couldn't get it to hang the way I wanted.

Still it's looks OK.  And Pencil's hair is perfect for summer :)

As I mentioned above, I would accessorize it with the same bag that Mondo had:

It's stripey as well but only the orange is matchy matchy. 

So what do you think?  Summery enough?

I love bright Tie Dye!

You can follow along with all the Fashion Face Off Project Project Runway designers on the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday Weigh In: Supreme Humiliation

Let me tell you about the day I had yesterday.

And let me just preface this little rant with: Valentine's Day sucks donkey balls.

OK... so I'm in a wedding in my hometown this coming summer.

I faithfully emailed my measurements for the dress I'm going to have to shell out $400 for (ummm did I mention that my entire wedding dress cost $55?)

Anyway, the bride phoned me and told me that my measurements must be wrong because the lady in the dress shop said that she'd never seen measurements like those in ALL HER 4 YEARS working there.

(ummm... did I mention that I've been sewing my own clothes since I was 12? That's 23 years.)

I assured the bride that those measurements were indeed the proper ones and reminded her that I'm an experienced seamstress who knows how to take measurements.

Isn't that the first thing you learn how to do when learning how to tailor?

I realize that I'm a square.  There's nothing I can do about that.  I also realize that if you look at the charts, they will say that my hips put me in at a size 8 while my waist will put me in at size 18.  My bust coming in at size 16.

That is why all of my designs are 2 pieces (even my wedding dress). 

I calmly told the dress shop lady that with the particular cut of the dress in question, I would need a size 16.  There's no way I'm getting that dress over my boobs if it isn't that size.

Courtesy of Liana's Paper Doll Blog
This is the cut of the dress and almost the exact colour.  Empire cut.  So we all know that the most important measurements for fit on this dress are under the bust ( high waist) and the bust itself.  Everything else kinda hangs and has room for whatever junk you got in your trunk. 

But, bride decided that my experience didn't amount to much and let the dress shop lady order me a SIZE 20!!!

I have never in my life worn a size 20!  I'm only 158 lbs!

Yup, and so there is going to be a heckuva lot of fixing on this dress. 

And the best part? She doesn't even trust me enough to fix it.  No, she knows a seamstress who will have to fix it the morning of the wedding (I guess, because I can only fly into Calgary the night before and I have to drive down to my hometown after that).  She's not even going to send it to me ahead of time to make sure it fits.  Good luck to her!  I have a feeling that my boobs will be popping out of that dress during the ceremony.  I hope bride likes nip shots in her wedding photos. :P


The bride obviously is a good friend who I would do anything for, so I forgive her bridezilla goggles and hope everything works out - or she replaces me with someone who can be present for a perfect fitting. I won't be offended if she goes that route. (And she doesn't read this blog, so no worries.)


And to top that off, I gave up Diet Pepsi two weeks ago and I'm CRANKY.

I spent yesterday on the couch eating cookies and crying.  Then I had a Slurpee and ate more cookies.  Yeah - those weight loss gurus are correct - eating is linked with emotions.  But hey, if I'm going to fit a size 20 dress by August, I guess I better eat more cookies!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Iron Craft 3 - Warm Up

It's been a funny winter this year.  Up and down with the temps. I never quite know what to put on the kids when taking them out.

So when I got the latest Iron Craft challenge, I knew I would have to make something cute that would keep Logan warm and yet would make him want to wear them when it gets super cold.

Here was the challenge:
I don’t know about where you live, but here in Minneapolis February feels like the coldest month of the year, the time when we get the week or so of temps below zero. (Ok, this has been the mildest winter ever this year, but it’s still cold.) With that in mind I’m challenging all the Iron Crafters to make something for the theme Warm Up.

(courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

So here's what I came up with:

Dragon mittens!

I made the mittens out of orange and red fleece.

Then I cut flame-ish scales out of red and yellow felt and pressed them downthe middle to sew them onto the mittens.

Then I cut a dragon tongue out of red felt and sewed that on.

Lastly I sewed on green buttons for eyes.  Logan wanted googly eyes, but the only ones I had were the glue on kind and I know that I'll be washing these mitts a lot and wanted something that would survive the wash.  And I stitched some nostrils onto each mitten as well.

This is Logan's "Why do you always have to take so many pictures of the things you sew for me?" face.

"Really mom?  Why don't you just let me play already. I'm tired of posing for your silly blog."

So I caught him unawares while daddy was buckling him into the car.

And this is his "I caught you sneaking more pictures mom.  You're so lame" face.

Lane really wanted her picture taken though after she figured out what all the commotion was about.  She's a good sport!

As always, follow along with the Iron Craft theme in the Flickr group.


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