Thursday, 5 January 2012

Welcome Maya

On New Years Eve we were looking for something to do.  Terry had read on Twitter that The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter was looking to adopt a bunch of puppies and that they had named the pups after various Winnipeg Jets hockey players in order to gain interest.

Lane really loves animals.  All animals - dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, lizards, fish... everything.  We regularly take her to the pet store or to the zoo to get her animal fix.  Terry is always showing her the daily puppy on the Internet or looking up pictures of kitties on Flickr.

So we decided to head on over to the Pet Rescue to check out the puppies.

And they were so cute!  All of them were adopted.  And even if they weren't, we aren't in any position to get a dog yet.  We need to finish our fence to enclose our yard and work on potty training our little girl before we work on potty training a puppy.

But there were tons of kitties there and they all looked so sad because they were spending the last day of the year in a cage.

A precious little grey cat named Maya caught our eye.  She had been at the Pet Rescue since August.  It is a no kill shelter, so adult cats sometimes stay at the shelter for a really long time.  Poor Maya!

An adult cat who was already used to using kitty litter and living in a house was perfect for our family and a great "starter" pet for Lane.  We couldn't resist.

Maya came home with us.

Awww.... who could resist that sweet kitty?

Even I can't resist and I'm totally allergic to cats!  ACK!  I've only had to take a Benadryl once so far in the few days that Maya has lived with us.  I'm sure once the cat hair starts invading more of our home, I'll be needing a shot to get through the couple of months it takes to get used to her.

 And yes... I couldn't resist sewing her a kitty bed already.  She likes it!  She really likes it! :D

The Pet Rescue found Maya in a box marked "Free Kittens" with her recently produced babies.  :(  All of her babies were adopted already, but Maya was still waiting for the right home.  I'm sure she'll be very happy with us. :)

She is the most sweet, lovable cat I have ever met.  She hasn't once hissed or swatted at the over attentive children.  She hops up on a free lap and purrs and demands cuddles and pets.  Lane is over the moon with her new found best friend Maya.

Welcome to Team LT sweet little cat.  (I'm aware that Maya doesn't fit into the Team letters, but she's still getting a spot on our next Christmas card).


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Mandy said...

I seriously can't believe how much she looks like our Skyreach. It makes my heart ache just a little bit to look at the pictures. But I am excited for you!

Unknown said...

Maya looks like such a sweetheart! She will definitely be happy with your family. So happy for you! And loving the meow-riffic cat bed!

Rosa said...

Aw! She's amazing. I had a Russian blue that looked very similar and he was the best cat on the planet. But I'm sure your Maya will run a close second!

It's good karma to give an adult pet a good home.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

she's fixed now, yes?