Sunday, 1 January 2012

Top 10 Crafty Blog Posts for 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I trust that everyone behaved themselves last night and are safe and sound and reading this blog post today in good spirits. :)

Today I have the rundown of your favourite crafty blog posts from the past year.  Thank you Google Analytics for making this list easy to prepare.

This year saw 55,425 Page Views on the blog.  Yowsa!

Here are the top ten from written in 2011:

10) Macrame Monday: Horizontal Clove Hitch with 262 views

9) Too Soon? Christmas Wreath with 280 views

8) Dining Room Chair Slip Covers: A How To (Sorta) with 354 views

7) Macrame Monday: Traditional Vertical Knotted Friendship Bracelets with 394 views

6) How To: Cozy Upcycled Fabric Earmuffs with 666 page views

5) Introducing Laney's Emergency Hat Size 2 with 717 page views

4) How Tuesday: Lost Socks Keeper with 1,015 page views

3) Macrame Monday: Micro Macrame Wavy Beaded Bracelets (A How To) with 1,087 page views

2) Macrame Monday: The Ultimate Scrapbuster Rug! with 1,165 page views

And the number one craft blog post written in 2011 as chosen by viewer count is....

dun dun dun....

1) Angry Birds: The Coasters with 2,679 page views

What a list!

The most popular blog post for the second straight year was the Squidward Costume I made for Logan for Halloween 2010 with a whopping 10,601 page views!

Since it was written in 2010 however, I didn't include it in this new list.

Another popular one from 2010 was Laney's Emergency Hat Size 1. It had 3,380 visitors this year.

At the beginning of 2011 I made it my New Years Resolution to learn how to macrame.  And you guys followed along eagerly.  From the amount of Macrame Mondays on this list I can safely say that I won't be discontinuing those posts in the near future.  Expect lots more fun Macrame projects in 2012!

I hope you enjoyed a look back at my crafty experiences in 2011.  Which project was your favourite?

Mine was the Scrapbuster Rug! :D

I look forward to sharing many more crafty projects with you in 2012.

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