Monday, 2 January 2012

Team LT's Best of 2011

Remember the wonderful interview questions that I make everyone answer at the end of the year?  I did one for 2007 and I did one for 2010 as well.

So this year I thought I'd give it a go again... to see if we've changed any.

Welcome to Team LT's best of 2011:


Best CD:
Terry: Machine Head "Unto The Locust"

Logan: Anything by Green Day
Lane: Anything by the DoodleBops

Although this list includes stuff that didn't actually come out in 2011, I still have no preference.  I barely get to listen to music anymore :(

Best Book:
Again, we are not really good at keeping up with the latest in literature, or anything for that matter, so we're going with the favourite book we read this year.
Terry: The Kid Who Climbed Everest - Bear Grylls
Logan: The Biggest Snowman Ever - Steven Kroll

Lane: Night, Night baby! - published by Parragon Books
Tawny: Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery (yes, I've been reading the whole series again for the .... um... zillionth time)

Best TV Show:
Terry and Tawny: Supernatural
Logan: Backyardigans
Lane: Sesame Street

Best Fast Food:
Terry, Tawny and Lane: Wendy's
Logan: Subway

Best Moment of 2011:
Terry: Getting the phone call from the heart surgeon that Tawny came through valve surgery just fine
Logan: Visiting Grandma and Grandpa up in Thompson
Lane: Halloween!
Tawny: Noticing that my normally blue toes were actually pink

Best Gift Recieved:
Terry: Zelda
Lane: her microwave from Santa
Logan: His activity board from Santa

Tawny: my very own website!

Best Movie:
Terry, Lane and Tawny: The Muppets
Logan: Rio

(disclaimer: We obviously don't see that many movies)

Best Video Game:
Terry: Zelda Twilight Princess
Logan: All the Zeldas

Best Restaurant:
Terry: Montana's
Logan: Perkins
Tawny: Joey's Only Seafood

And there are some new categories this year! Yay!

Favourite Clothing Item:
Terry: Iron Maiden T-Shirt

Logan: John Deere pants
Lane: Elmo T-shirt
Tawny: Green T-shirt dress

Favourite Family Outing Spot:
Terry, Tawny: St. Malo Beach
Logan: The Animal Rescue where we got Maya (more about Maya the cat coming in a later post this week *wink* *wink*)
Lane: The Children's Museum

Favourite Exercise/Sport Activity
Terry: Swimming on Sundays with the kids
Logan: Riding his bike
Lane: Rolling (yes, she means that she literally likes getting on the floor and rolling across it)
Tawny: Elliptical

Favourite Drink:
Terry: Labatt Blue
Logan: Orange Juice
Lane: Apple Juice
Tawny: The almighty Slurpee (I even accidentally snap pictures of unsuspecting Slurpees when I'm showing off my thrift store finds hehehe)

Favourite Colour:
Terry: Red
Logan: Green
Lane: Pink
Tawny: Orange

It is fascinating to see how much (or in some cases how little) we've changed throughout the years.  Do you keep record of your family's favourites every year?


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

a cat!!!!

oh, and great post btw

Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

Supernatural is awesome -- I can't believe I missed this entire past season.
Mmmm... Subway. And I can't believe I've never been to Joey's yet!!! Crazy, right? I think my first dinner after my cleanse will be at Montana's though. LOVE Montana's! :)
I really need to go to St. Malo's with Roomie and the kids this summer -- I haven't been since I was a kid!

This is brilliant, T! I hope you don't mind if I steal it at the end of this year. :)