Saturday, 7 January 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #17

OMG! Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday is back!

:D :D :D

Along with Weigh In Wednesday, the Saturday Confessions are some of your favourite (and most commented on) posts.

I get it - you all wanna read about how fat I am and all the stupid sh*t I'm willing to share hehehe  I'm the same.  I read all of your blogs hoping for some juicy tidbits about you as well ;)

So here's my confession today:

I say that the Barbies I bought are for Lane, but they're not.  They are mine and I enjoy playing with them.

There I said it (or typed it).  And I bolded it to make it all that more real.

I never really had Barbies when I was little, so when Project Project Runway came along, I had an excuse to play dress up with dolls.  Yay!  Up until now though, I was adamant that the dolls belonged to Lane and that she is the one who really plays with them. I was just borrowing them for this project.

And she does play with them.  Just not as much as I do ;)

And she doesn't think to put them in a pile like this:

And then make up scenarios like this:

A new series called Project Runway Allstars has begun!  Therefore, Project Project Runway has also started up again.  Of course, since I participated last season I immediately considered myself an All Star and decided to join in the latest event.  I went to find my models to see if they were willing to sign another contract and show off my clothes.

This is the state I found them in!  Aurora has led Ariel and Pencil into a life of debauchery.  They are still wearing the clothes I designed for the last challenge and have picked up Pimp Ken to join their life of parties and orgies.  Goodness!  Look at that shiny shirt that Ken is wearing.  You know he's up to no good.

So I picked Pencil up off the pile, pulled her pants up and straightened her hair and made her sign the contract (even though I'm paying her peanuts hehehe).  Ariel and Aurora were soon convinced to kick Ken to the curb and come along.


Well, this ended up being a "Kill two birds with one stone" kinda post.  A confessed that Aurora, Pencil and Ariel (and even Pimp Ken) are mine and not Laney's and I "confessed"(?) that I'm participating in Project Project Runway All Stars this season. Yay!

I guess I had better post my resume here from last season as well, so that you all can critique just the same as you did for the real designer all stars. Come on - I know you did!

This week's challenge is:
Challenge – Fashion Cents
The unconventional challenge first thing, what fun! Create an outfit with items from a $.99 (or $1.00) store. This is about innovation. Though I must say, this set of judges wasn’t as harsh about using fabric-like materials. On the show they had to relate back to a current piece they had shown the judges, since we don’t all have lines to refer back to we will skip that component. (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Which All Star are you going for?  I want to say someone cool like Mondo or April - but I think I'm going to go for Kenley only because my designs were compared to hers a lot when I revealed them last season. I hope she brings her attitude back with her as well hehehe.

OK, enough. This post is too long and meandering already.

I'm going to go play with my Barbies and you can go over to All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something and read all the other fun confessions and even submit your own.



Kimberly said...

This confession is epic.
I die.
I confess that I wish that I had a girl for this exact reason. Barbies!!!
I'm so glad that you play along with this meme. Sorry that it's been MIA.

kat said...

I don't have any kids & I now have 5 female dolls (none are barbies) and 1 Ken. I blame PPR of course, but I'm sure people think I'm crazy.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

oh, your confessions are tame Tawny! :)