Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Introduction to Iron Crafter

Last year I really enjoyed the Iron Crafter series on the blog Just Crafty Enough.  They had a craft challenge each week for the entire year!  Wow!  There were some really great projects and inspiration to gawk at all year long.

This year I decided to play along... well... once they announced that they were going to have 26 projects with 2 weeks to complete each.  That's doable right?

The first challenge is up:

It’s Iron Craft’s first anniversary. The traditional first anniversary gift is Paper, so that seems an obvious choice for our first challenge of the year. Over the next two weeks we’d like you to create something using paper. You don’t have to just use paper, but we’d like to see it be a prominent material in your project.  (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Okay... I can do paper... um... yeah... just ignore the posts this past summer when I was working on the Wedding Scrapbook.  You know, the ones about how I cannot do, will not do, and down right double hate paper crafts. Hehehe...

Now that I'm an Iron Crafter - There is no "double hating" anything.

I'm fearless!

So I gathered up all the cards of birthdays, Mother's Days, and Christmas' past.  I shall make something out of them!

Might as well make an upcycle project out of it eh?

Stay tuned on Tuesday January 17th for the big reveal :)

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looking forward to watching this!