Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Handmade Holidays: Stuff I Made

By this point, you may be wondering if I made anything for our holiday gifts.  I've been busy showing you all the handmade thing I bought, but I assure you that I did make some stuff myself.

(And this is the last handmade holidays post for Christmas 2011.  Gah, it took forever because my computer was gone for so long).

So, for my sister, my best friend and my dad's girlfriend, I made some patchwork place mats, oven mitts and tea towels.

Each one was different and I had a really awesome time piecing them all together.  I love the way they turned out.  My sister says she likes looking at them and recognizing some of the fabric from my past projects.  I used some of the man fabric from the ties at the wedding, some fabric that I made Logan's pants with, etc.

The oven mitts were made of the same patchwork and I deliberately made each one different.  The challenge was picking the set for each person.  I made sure that the Nascar fabric heavy ones were for my dad's girlfriend so that dad would get to enjoy them :)

 The tea towels I bought from the dollar store, but the patchwork on each of them is my own.  It classes them up quite a bit doesn't it?


And then for the kids I made some Pajama Aliens.  The Aliens eat up jammies every morning and keep them nice and warm and clean until night time when they spit them out for the kids to wear. :)

Logan's is orange.

Lane's is purple.

Num Num Num jammies....


Sharing my handmade gifts with some awesome people:

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