Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Handmade Holidays: More Awesome Purchases

I thought I would save some of the handmade purchases I made for another post.  These ones are especially dear to me because they were purchased from local Winnipeg crafters.

Firstly, I needed to come up with a terrific gift for my mother in law.  She always puts so much time, thought and energy into gift giving at Christmas time, so she needed something really special.  I knew of a local artisan who does bookbinding (with a specialty in eco-friendly work).

Awesome.  I went a'hunting for my mother in law's favourite childhood book "The Velveteen Rabbit" and had Laura, a fellow WESTie (Winnipeg Etsy Street Team member) and proprietor of Prairie Peasant bind it up with recycled paper into a pretty writing journal.  Did I mention that my mother in law loves to write?  Like... a lot!

Isn't it perfect?

And while I was vending at the Creative Collection Craft show, I picked up these two lovely creatures for the kids.

Mr. Sock Monkey is from the Monkey Business Card Co. (another WESTie).

And Ms. Sock Kitty is from Just Cats.

But if anyone asks, both of these creatures were sewn lovingly by Santa's elves of course! :D

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