Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday Weigh In - Ummmmm... Logan's Xmas Concert

Ummmm yeah, so I got nothing to report yet again.  I'm still at 160 lbs.  No change for the past two weeks.  Oh well.  At least I haven't gone up.

So instead of stats that you've already seen, I'll show you some pics from Logan's Christmas concert that we attended on Monday evening.

There is Logan with the morning kindergarten class performing a song on stage.  (Logan is the one in the red pants, front row, centre)

 Lane was feeling very grown up because she got to sit on her own chair instead of the stroller this year.

I couldn't get any good shots of the finale because the kindergartners were shoved into the front risers below the stage.  But I got a nice pic of his exiting after their finale was performed.  (He's the one in line with the red pants).

As Terry informed me while I was trying to snap a decent picture: "You're not winning any photography awards for this evening."

Hehehe, it's so true.  These were truly the best photos I snapped.  Can you imagine the ones I discarded?  Mostly darkness, or my thumb, or the teacher blocking the kids.  *sigh*

Have you attended your kids' Christmas concert?  Was it the most adoraprecious thing you ever saw?  Were you more successful at snapping pictures than I was?


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I have sat through dozens of these concerts, the pictures rarely get better unless you scoot up to the front right below the stage. The lighting in these gyms makes seat side pics impossible!

anita said...

Logan's concert looks pretty adoraprecious! Love the Santa hats on the kids.