Sunday, 11 December 2011

This Day Brought To You By The Number 5

My precious little man turns 5 today! :D

I can't believe it. 

Where did the time go?

He's grown into such a smart, talented, polite, creative, awesome young man.

And he had a birthday party yesterday - the first one where he invited his own friends.

The LEGO cake went over well.  It didn't tip or get smushed in the car on the way to the bowling alley.  Yay!


Everyone danced more than bowled.  Even Lane on the left made some new friends and got into the partying.


And Logan opened tons of presents.  My goodness, I think we have the entire Toy R Us boys section in our house now.  I wonder what Santa is going to bring now?  Good thing he didn't start his shopping yet :)

 And I survived mainly due to this guy!  Terry's so calm and authoritative. He made sure all the kids were playing safe and he has a big booming voice that can gather all the children together for pizza and cake and present opening.

Everything came together wonderfully.  There was only one incident of pinched fingers, but a goodie bag soon fixed up those tears.

But please... let's not do this again for a few years ;)

Happy 5th Birthday to Logan!!!!

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