Monday, 19 December 2011

Macrame Monday: Fabric Wrapped Hangars

When Lane and I need a break from cleaning house, baking, laundry, etc. we head on out to our favourite Thrift Store to hunt for treasure.  Just last week, we had one of those days...

And the thrift store made everything better!  We found Sesame Street Fabric, a huge bag of Perler beads, some vintage orange Macrame cord and a bag full of t-shirt yarn.

Ooooh, so many things to make!

So today, we are going to use the t-shirt yarn (and our Macrame skills) to make these pretties!

First we start with a pile of t-shirt yarn.  If you want to make your own t-shirt yarn I found this really great tutorial to help.  And of course we need an old hangar.

And basically you get a long strip of t-shirt yarn, fold it in half and start doing a chain of square macrame knots at the very top of the hangar. 

Continue the knots until you've covered the entire hangar and then tie it off in a neat little bow.

In case you forget how to do the square knot - here is the post where I show you how to tie it.

Instead of using 2 cords folded in half, I only use 1 and the hangar acts as the middle "filler" cords. :)

If you run out of cording, you can always keep going with another (or the same ) colour without too much of an interruption.  I just stuffed the ends of the first cords into the centre, tied some new yarn onto the hangar and kept on square knotting.

Then make more!

Because they are oh so pretty!  And strong!

I'm thinking about including one of these wrapped darlings in the Lost Socks Keepers that I sell in shop.  But maybe they are too pretty to be covered up by the keepers.  In any case, I might include one (for a limited time) and the new owner can take it out, replace it with an old hangar and use the pretty one elsewhere in the house.

Should I?  Or should I just hoard them all for myself? :P


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

oh fun! I know several other ways to make these but have no clue what they are called, there isn't a naked hanger in my house! double or triple the hanger and you get fabulous heavy coat hangers

wooden coat hangers said...

They are so pretty! Great job!