Monday, 12 December 2011

LEGO Party Goodie Bags

We decided on a LEGO theme for Logan's party pretty early on, so I was able to order some really fun things to put into the goodie bags.

First we had to put together the actual bags.  I bought a pack of solid coloured treat bags from Micheal's and then used coloured construction paper to make the knobs on the "LEGO".  Easy cut and paste and voila! The bags now look like LEGO pieces.

Now what to put in the bags?

LEGO crayons of course!

I can't actually make crayons... well I could, but I don't wanna hehehe.

So I ordered them from Kool Kid Krayons!

The shop owner was so awesome.  She made up a custom order for me and even packaged them in 12 sets for the birthday partiers.

But what fun are crayons when you have nothing to colour?

 Ta Da!  I was able to find LEGO colouring books that were specially designed for party favours.  The owner of Get Set To Party made these lovely colouring books for each child.  They say "Happy 5th Birthday Logan. December 11, 2011" on the cover.  And on the back they say, "Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me."

How perfect is that?

 We also threw in the usual noisemakers and candy necklaces. 

 Logan handed out the bags to all the kids at the end of the party, which was a good thing because the kids went berserk over the noisemakers. I'm glad they went home before anyone got poked in the eye by a wayward party favour.


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Unknown said...

CUUUUUTE! I love the bags! So perfect yet simple. And yeah, I definitely could not have made those awesome crayons either! Great find!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

awesome!! you win again :)

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

What a fun idea for a party. The bags are just adorable and I love the crayons. Looks like fun! I am a new follower visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans. Vicky from Mess For Less