Thursday, 29 December 2011

Year Thirty

My awesome husband turns 30 today!

Happy Birthday Terry!

And I am the world's worst birthday documenter.

Yesterday we went out for dinner with a friend who is back in town after having moved to Ottawa last summer.  I totally spaced and forgot to tell the Montana's wait staff to sing happy birthday to Terry and make him wear that incredibly ... ahem... sexy ... Viking Helmet.

Then tonight we went out for Indian food with some more close friends.  This time I brought my camera to snap a few shots of the birthday boy and I totally spaced again.

At this point in the blog post, I would normally just grab a picture of Terry that I had taken a few days ago and fudge it a little to say this was a super incredible picture taken... maybe today... But I don't have my computer back yet, so that's not gonna fly.

So Terry: I love you. You are my soul mate and I want to spend every minute of the next 30 years by your side. :D

Lane and I dressed up to go to dinner tonight and Terry (because he's not a total space cadet like me) snapped a photo of us, so that will have to do....

We all love you babe! Happy Birthday!

From Tawny, Logan and Lane.

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