Friday, 30 December 2011

Handmade Holidays: Purchases

This year I decided to take it easy with all the handmade gifts and order a few of them for my friends and family.  Easing the load of sewing was a terrific idea, and I got some wonderful stuff.

I can show you the handmade purchases now that everyone has opened their gifts.

I bought these funky popsicle-looking soaps from London City (A Zibbet shop from Toronto).

There were also peppermint ones in this style of soap for Christmas - red, white and green.  Pretty! 

Next, while on the theme of soap, I got these geekily awesome soaps for my brother and one of our friends:

These were purchased from Digital Soaps on Etsy.

I got this cool clock for Terry to put in his office from The Golfing Dolphin on Etsy:

And of course you already saw Laney's crocheted Elmo Hat.  Although Lane will tell you that Mrs. Claus crocheted it for her.  hehehe Apparently Knitty Momma on Etsy is Mrs. Claus.

It looks like my computer isn't going to be back until after this long weekend.  *sigh* - so the big New Year blog posts and series that I'm planning will have to be put on hold some more.  bleh... I just really want my computer back.


Unknown said...

Way to support the handmade community! As a crafter I often have to get away from the "I can make that myself" mentality and support them instead.

Unknown said...

PS though the things you bought are things I CANNOT make (soap, crochet items). Thanks for the reminder to support them too!