Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Handmade Holidays: Android Tablet Sleeve

My brother emailed me with the exciting news that he bought an Android Tablet for himself for Christmas.  Ooooohhhhh.... fancy.

He said that he really loves the laptop sleeve I made him a few years ago and was wondering if I could make a smaller one for his brand new toy.

Ummm... does he know me?

Of course I can!

He included the measurements in the email and I went to work.  You may remember my Kobo Kozy tutorial?  I used it for this tablet sleeve as well. :)

I found some denim and some fleece for the inside.

I inquired about what picture I should put on it.  Terry verified for me that this little green guy is indeed the Android robot.  So I thought that would work perfectly.

I ironed the larger picture on the back of the sleeve and a smaller version on the top corner of the flap.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Davan has already opened the gift, so I was able to share it early.  And he likes it!  He really likes it!

Was there any doubt? ;P


Unknown said...

So geeky cute! Such a great gift!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

another home run! well done!