Friday, 9 December 2011

Food Friday: LEGO Cake

Logan's LEGO birthday party is coming along. I spent the morning yesterday making the cake and all of this morning icing it.

What do you think?

Not exactly Ace of Cakes, but it'll do for a 5 year old's birthday party. 

Kinda resembles LEGO?

Maybe more like MegaBloks?

I used this recipe for the white cake.

I used Betty Crocker's Whipped White Icing (you know, the one in the jar) for the icing.  I obviously tinted it with food colouring.

The knobs on the top of the LEGO pieces are large marshmallows cut in half.

I'm not world's best icing master, but it shouldn't matter to a bunch of 5 year olds.  Plus, we have to somehow cart all of these little cakes over to the bowling alley tomorrow without smudging up the icing more than it already is.  I'm sure it'll be fine. 

Logan came home from school today and said that he really liked his cake.  He even wanted to eat some right away.  But we're saving it for the party tomorrow.

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