Monday, 5 December 2011

Clodhoppers Revisited

I finally got the ingredients together to make Christmas Clodhoppers.  Yum!  So instead of macrame-ing, I'm baking today.


It's more like stirring, but it still counts!

I thought that I would rerun the Homemade Clodhoppers post from last year for those of you who would like to try it out.  So yummy!

Just a warning for the calorie counters among us - a little less than a cup of this stuff is 284 calories! ACK! So eat sparingly and share :D
 This recipe was originally posted on December 9th, 2010.

Tis the season to make Christmas chocolate. I make chocolate every year and send it out to various family members (OK mostly my dad who is the biggest chocoholic I've ever met!) I think he looks forward to his homemade chocolate package from me every year. He even tries to scam more chocolate by getting my brother or sister to bring their package when they visit him in Victoria. Hah!

Anyway, this year I decided to go with a different kind of chocolate. I usually spend three days making chocolate covered cherries and peppermints. It's a lot of work, they don't send well and none of us at the Team LT house can finish all the leftovers.

This year I decided to try to figure out how to make homemade Clodhoppers! Yum!

Mine are pretty close to the store bought ones (at least I think so).

Here's my recipe if you want to make a batch for your family - or you get some from me this year and want to make more because you ate it all and cried when you got to the bottom of the package because the flavour was so awesome and you absolutely need more...

Ingredients for a huge batch:

- half a box of Golden Grahams Cereal
- 1kg package of milk chocolate chips (you could also use white chocolate or dark chocolate - whatever is your preference)
- 3 cups of your favourite nuts (and I don't mean family members!)
I used 1 cup Brazil nuts, 1 cup walnuts, 1 cup cashews

Step One:
Pour chocolate chip into a pot and melt over low heat. You can also use the microwave or double boiler. I'm not an expert at melting chocolate, but I like the big pot because I can add all the ingredients and still have room for mixing.

Step Two:
Once the chocolate is nice and smooth, remove from heat. Add your nuts.

Step Three:
Add your Golden Grahams cereal. I added a half a box approximately. Sorry that none of my measurements are very exact. You basically want enough chocolate to coat the ingredients.

Step Four:

Mix it all together. Once everything is evenly coated, pour onto a baking sheet (I put some wax paper on the sheet first). Refrigerate for a few minutes until hardened. Break up and enjoy!


So good!

You'll want more!

Make a huge batch!

Then wrap it all up pretty and send it away. Or keep it all for yourself.

Terry had already informed me that I need to make another batch with the other half of the Golden Grahams cereal. He wants to bring the entire cookie sheet downstairs with some eggnog and watch Christmas movies and pig out. Lovely!

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Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I had never heard of clodhoppers before. Enjoy!