Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Case of The Possessed Balloons

The other day I was busy making Lane some lunch.  She eats a hotdog Every. Single. Day.

As I was boiling it up, I saw one of our helium balloons float up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Not that strange. The kids love to send those things floating up the stairs.  But then I realized that the kids were playing downstairs, no where near the balloon.  Oh well...

I cut up the hotdog and got it ready to take downstairs.  The kids get to eat in front of the TV during the week.  It's the only way I get a bit of a break while eating.  I came back upstairs and the balloon had floated all the way across the kitchen and its string was resting in the hotdog water.  Gross.

Our awesome neighbours gave these balloons to the kids over a month ago and they are still floating.


Later that day, Terry was working at his desk when he had a strange feeling...

He looked behind him....


The feeling wouldn't go away....

So he looked behind him again...

Dun Dun Duhhhhh...

There was the balloon!


So now it's become a game.  The possessed balloons follow us everywhere.  They have minds of their own.  They randomly float up the stairs.  They even make it down the hall and into the bedroom.

How do they get there?

OK... well sometimes it's us putting the balloons in opportune spots for a laugh.  Sometimes they really just get there by themselves.

We're both waiting for these balloons to finally lose their helium.

Enough with the possessed balloons stalking us night and day!

 **** Note: Terry is not giving the middle finger to the Breast Cancer Awareness that these balloons promote.  He is flipping off the ghosts that are inside there stalking us, laying in wait for us, waiting for us to drop our guard before they pounce!***

**** Note: I may be a tad dramatic, but these balloons are really starting to freak us out.****

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