Thursday, 17 November 2011

Report Card

Logan brought home his very first report card today!

Oh. My. Gosh. 

Too cute!

He's such a big boy to be bringing home a report card.

Before the big report card day, Terry and I were joking about how silly it is for kindergartners to have report cards.  I mean, what are they going to say? "Well Logan is doing well with the number 3, but he needs to work more on the colour purple." HAHAHAHA

But truly, that is pretty much what a kindergartner's report card looks like.

Logan can count to 31 and he participates well in class discussions.  He needs to work a little on holding a pencil properly.  He has a lovely voice and has a good rhythm and beat in music (so not Terry's kid hehehehe).  He knows the safety rules in gym class.

Yup that's about it.  Awesome.

So we let the big school boy choose where he wanted to go out for dinner.

He chose Montanas - even though it wasn't craft night.

Logan's favourite thing right now is writing letters.  We bought him a book to help him along with writing words and he loves it.  He's working through it.  And look - he's even holding his crayon correctly!  Even at Montanas he's busy working on his favourite activity.  Good thing you're encouraged to write on the tables!

Lane approved of Logan's restaurant choice as well.  Nummy nummy ice cream cone.

And in a moment of sibling friendship, Logan gave his little sister a hug at the end of our evening out.  Awwwww....

Do you you give out rewards for good report cards?  What types of things do you shell out if you do?  I think I got a couple of dollars for each A or something.  I think a dinner out is a pretty good reward. :)

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