Thursday, 3 November 2011

Random Thoughts

I know that I'm supposed to have my final collection done for Project Project Runway today.  But it just ain't happening.  Actually it's not going to happen.  I guess I've been officially auf'ed because I have no inspiration and Christmas is fast approaching, along with my brother's and sister's birthday, my birthday and Logan's birthday.  Tons of other projects to work on!

I thank the girls over at Just Crafty Enough for letting me play along with them during the latest Project Runway season.  I had so much fun and learned a lot about designing and sewing clothes in miniature.

So now what to post on Thursdays?

Here are a few random things that have happened throughout this week

... *cough*

... *filler*

... *cough*


The evening after we went out for our anniversary dinner, Terry and I were watching TV. The couple on TV had named their house (you know... like Green Gables). I turned to Terry and said, "We should name our house, but it isn't really giving me any good name vibes."

Terry then responded very seriously, "Our house has a name, it's Brillo Pad!"

Bwahahaha! I laughed so hard that I did the little wheezing thing that only Terry finds endearing.

And that friends is why we've been together 11 years. No one else can stand us!

And we now have a house called Brillo Pad.

(I posted this on Google + and Facebook for those of you who have read it already).


On this same show - it was Happy Endings, do you watch? Anyway, on the show, the couple that was housesitting at the named house I mentioned above had no candy to give out on Halloween.  One of them decided to go get some candy and said, "don't get any of that lame candy like Smarties."

My Canadian brain immediately went: "h'uh? Smarties are candy coated chocolate deliciousness."

Only a few days later I realized that Smarties in the States are not the same as the ones in Canada.  Their Smarties are actually Rockets. 


Yeah... so I can see why Smarties in the States are lame to some people.  Although I have to admit that I love Rockets so much and eat them in such abundance that I cut up the inside of my mouth from all the sugar. Yum!

Yeah... so those are my random thoughts for this week.  Has anything funny or interesting happened to you this week?  Wanna tell me the story in the comments?  And do you watch Happy Endings?  I love this show so much, although I can't explain why... well I can explain why in one word - Penny.  I love her (I love her even more than that other Penny on that other show... you know the one).

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CHADMAC said...

Happy Endings is spectacularly awesome. But my one word for why is "Max". He is in a close race with Cam from Modern Family as my favourite gay character on TV.