Monday, 28 November 2011

Macrame Monday: Christmas Snowflake

I'm in full Christmas holiday decorating mode.  And it just wouldn't be right if I didn't include some retro macrame projects in the mix.

Here is my first Macrame Christmas craft:

A macrame snowflake!

I used this free macrame pattern.

I modified it slightly of course.

In the spirit of using stuff around the house, I cut the top off a plastic cup to use instead of a brass ring.  It's bigger to accommodate my bigger spool knitting cord.

Since I'm pretty rough on my macrame projects, I used duck tape to strengthen the plastic ring so that when I was pulling my knots the ring wouldn't break.

Here's step one.  You use the Lark's Head knot.

The rest of the steps use the Square Knot.

Ta da!

I think it turned out kind of dream catcher-ish as well.

I hung it up above our stairs going down to the rec room.

Doesn't it look all retro and Christmas-ey?  I love it!


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