Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Day After Halloween - Oh Boy!

Ooooh boy!  That was a crazy night!

The kids went trick or treating around the block and ended up with a mountain of candy.  Ask me at Easter if we still have some leftover and I'll probably say yes.

That is a diaper box full to the brim with tasty treats.  Oh boy!

Last night after dinner we put out the pumpkin and lit the candle.

It was super nice outside - 12 degrees C.  Wha?  And there wasn't much wind so it was a perfect night for the neighbourhood goblins and ghouls to come out to play.  And they did! We had about 150 kids begging for food at our house hehehe.  We were cleaned out and done by 8:00 so the kids didn't have to stay up too late and be cranky for the school run this morning.

So - how did I make the Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes?

Simple actually...

I got a whole lotta red fleece.  Then made two pairs of jogging pants.  Then I made 2 pullover hoodies.  I put some extra work into the hoodies like lined hoods and pretty blue accent knit for sleeve cuffs.  I even made sure that there was a pocket that "you could touch your hands together in" as Logan puts it.  I appliqued the white circle of felt and cut out the Thing 1 and Thing 2 letters and appliqued those on by hand.

The wig I decided to make detachable.  That way the kids could wear their jogging suits again.  The wig is just the hood cut out again in red felt and then I used blue yarn - A LOT of blue yarn and carefully placed it and sewed it into place.  Each wig actually took me about 3 hours and that was where most of the time was spent.  6 hours!  Yipes!

Anyway, they turned out terrific.  And the wigs just come off with Velcro.  I suggest using the softer side of the Velcro on the wig itself if you decide to  make one.  Yarn and the rough Velcro side don't get along!

Here is Lane before we convinced her that she should wear her costume.  She's going as "Lane TV."

They seem mucho impressed with me for making them pose don't they?

Ack! There's a Thing 2 in my house!

 And it looks like he's looking for trouble!

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PrairiePeasant said...

The costumes look great! Your kids probably don't know how lucky they are to have a mom like you! We get less than 25 kids on our street!