Monday, 31 October 2011

Your Mother Won't Mind At All If You Do

Happy Halloween from Team LT!

This past weekend, we went to Comic Con.  Logan was very happy to wear his costume and smile at all the vendors and be super cute and precious.  He scammed a ton of candy out of them with his "routine."

Lane, however, was a bit crabby and refused to wear her costume.  For the photo above, we shoved the sweater on her, took a picture and then took it off for the stroller to wear the rest of the afternoon.

I still haven't been able to convince her to wear her costume.  So poor Logan is a Thing 2 without a Thing 1.  :(

Here we are posing about 30 feet away from where Kevin Sorbo is signing autographs.  Yeah... we're too cheap to pay the fee to actually get a signed photo hehehe.  So you'll have to deal with a picture of me and Loags.

Then on Saturday night, Terry and the kids carved a pumpkin.

Laney loved the slimy pumpkin guts.

Logan stood back for this part and watched.  Then he stuck his spoon in to scrape out the guts.  No getting messy for him!

The big pumpkin reveal will happen tomorrow after we set it up for the trick or treaters and I get a good photo of it.

Right now Logan is at his kindergarten Halloween party. He was so excited about going that he ran all the way to school this morning early, got to be first in line and enjoyed watching all the kids in costume come into the yard.

Maybe we can convince Lane that if she doesn't wear her costume, she won't get any candy tonight?  I'll try to snap a few photos and do the run down of how I put together both costumes in tomorrow's post.

Have a ghoulish evening my pretties!

**** If you watch The Cat in The Hat on Netflix or CBC as much as I do, you'll understand the quote that is in the title of this post. ;)


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