Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Weekly Weigh In Wednesday - Oct. 5


Starting Weight: 174 lbs 09/12/11
Current Weight: 168 lbs 10/05/11
Target Weight: 150 lbs

Weight Change: 6 lbs
Remaining to Lose: 18 lbs
Avg. Lost Per Week: -1.8 lbs 
So I've only lost 1 lb this week.  Not bad.  
The biggest news is that I actually lost 1 inch on my waist! EEEEE!!!  I've lost 6 lbs so far in this journey and finally my waist is starting to budge.  Sheesh - it takes a long time to get that measurement to move just a little.

I'm actually surprised that I lost anything this past week because I was so stressed out about doing a craft show that I threw my back out for 3 days and couldn't exercise.  Then I had ... um... you know... female things going on this week.  I retained water so bad on the weekend that I had gained 3 lbs.  Bleh....

But it finally evened out just in time for weekly weigh in.

So I'm exercised 4 out of 7 days.  And I've kept under my calorie allotment 7 out of 7 days.


And now, because all this stuff is boring without some pictures - here are a few of my kids playing at the newly opened Children's Museum this past weekend.

When Logan saw there was crafting, he totally went for it.  He's so my kid.

Laney is very musically inclined. :)

And a big slide... yes please!

There were all sorts of gadgets to check out.  The kids had a great time.  Highly recommended (but it's expensive, so plan wisely).

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Kristie said...

Great progress, Tawny!!

And we have been loving up that Children's Museum, too. They did a good job. eh?