Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tried It Tuesday - Natural Coconut Deodorant

This week I don't have a tutorial from me to show you. But I did try a fantastic one that I'd like to tell you about.

I think that I'm slowly turning into a hippie and no one bothered to tell me.  I realize that last week I showed you how to make your jeans into bell bottoms, and this week I'm talking all natural deodorant.  At least I'm wearing deodorant! Right?  Right?

I made this Natural Coconut Deodorant using Nenette's recipe.  She writes one of my very favourite blogs - Life Candy - and is an awesome Winnipegger!  If she can wear all natural deodorant and not offend anyone - maybe so can I.  Although I have to admit, Miss Nenette is gorgeous, so maybe a little stinky wouldn't matter as much.  Anyway, I'll let you know how it stands up to sweaty Tawny heehehe.  The science is there though, so I'm not too worried.

And to make it an extra special autumn blend....

I added some pumpkin pie all natural oil to the mix.  Mmmmm... I'm gonna smell like nutmeg all day long.  

And the jar I put the mixture into? 99 cents at Value Village. Yay!

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Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

Love it! So in-season. I love the smell of pumpkin and spices.
Also, thank you so much for the linklove and the compliments -- I am totally blushing. :) xo