Thursday, 13 October 2011

Project Project Runway - This Is For The Birds - Results

This week's challenge:

Spread your wings, elevate your designs. Use a bird as an inspiration for a high-end runway look. The bird has to be either an Owl, Raven, Amazon or Cockatoo. Remember the bird is your inspiration, the judges reacted very badly to anything they considered too literal, i.e. feathers.

(Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


 I decided to go with the cockatoo for this challenge.

And here is my design.

I used a pale pink and brown brocade and white tulle.

And I let Pencil wear her crazy pink hair.  Because... you know... the cockatoo has a pink head.

The judges were surprised by this look.  Nina said that it was about time that I designed a dress.  I mean we're 11 challenges in and I've only done 4 skirt or dress looks.  I seem to be all about the pants or pants variations, but the judges definitely want to see another side.

Unfortunately, Michael will say something along the lines of, "We wanted you to change it up and design a dress, but a birdie prom dress is not what we had in mind." ouch!  But yes, I admit, it looks a little birdie prom dressy to me.

I don't think I went too literal though.  I used the tulle as a substitute for feathers and only went a little birdie on the sleeve.  I still think it looks high fashion enough to push me through this week.

Especially when accessorized with these pretty shoes!  From the Piperlime Accessory Wall.

And this bangle also from the Piperlime Accessory Wall.

I also think this outfit would look really nice with the L'Oreal Charming Cockatoo Gaze make-up, which is what we were supposed to be designing to highlight anyway.

What do you think? Birdie Prom Dress?

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kat said...

Ok, maybe I can see someone wearing it to prom, but the birdie part no. I can see your inspiration but no one would look at it & say oh that's a bird.

Jennie said...

I think it's great. Your styling is on the mark, especially the hair colour. Good job, Tawny. (Said in Michael Kors voice!)