Thursday, 6 October 2011

Project Project Runway Sew 70's Results

This week's Project Runway challenge was actually very similar to last week's - only with women and the designers were encouraged to "do better" than the last challenge which ended up looking like a costume for most of them on the show.

"Look to the past to find your inspiration and create a sophisticated 70′s revival design. Think big wide leg trousers, silky little tie front blouses, an earthy color palette, maxi-dresses, plaid and large scale prints. Design for a confident, sophisticated woman.
Tim warns us that “inspired by” is the key here, you want to avoid literal retro looks. Surprise, you need to create two looks this week and the second one can only be one piece, no separates.
You are creating outfits that have the possibility to be sold online, so your outfit also has to look exciting photographed." Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough


This is what I came up with.

For my separates design, I went with a huge and comfy 70s style shawl. I updated it slightly by making it into more of a sweater.  It's still got the design like a shawl, only it has a bit of a sleeve. 

Then I made some 70s inspired culottes and a matching floppy hat.  Actually I decided that it would be too literal if I went with a huge floppy hat directly from the 70s so I toned it down a bit and added more cloche style elements to it.  Boy is it tough to sew a tiny doll hat!

I think Pencil looks very sophisticated in her new look.  I'm afraid the judges might think that it is too literal an interpretation of the 70s and that Pencil looks like she stepped right out of a 70s Look Book.

And of course Heidi won't like all that bulk at the top. ;)


For my second 1 piece look I went with a shorts jumper.  One of the only fashions I remember my mom wearing from way back in the late 70s when I was really little was a shorts jumper.  Hers was made out of velour and had ties at the shoulder.

So I updated that look to be more sophisticated and modern.  I did it in 70s inspired colours - brown and yellow.  I love the added little ruffle at the top.

I think Heidi would like this one because it shows some skin but is still classy.

Nina would slam me for using brown again in my designs.  What is with all the brown in every design I make?

Michael would say that the puckers in the tummy need to be worked on.


I don't think a requirement was to make both pieces coordinate, so I went in 2 different directions. 


Aurora and Pencil really liked spending time together and exchanging trade secrets while awaiting the decision of the judges.

What do you think?  Am I in?

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kat said...

I can see some starlet on a red carpet in that jumper with heels, easily! You know what we call tops like the one you made, swonchos, part sweater/part poncho. Macy's has so many right now.