Thursday, 20 October 2011

Project Project Runway: The Finale Challenge Results

This week was the final challenge before we found out who was going to make it to Fashion Week.

"Create a three look mini collection inspired by Governors Island and the sculpture exhibit on it. It must demonstrate a range (pants, dresses, jumpers, various silhouettes, etc) and show your design vision. Here is a photo gallery of Governors Island and here are images for the sculpture exhibit." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Aren't my models so cute?  I really like this mini collection.

I used the lattice work and the stained glass that was featured on the show for inspiration.  I decided not to go as bold as Laura and Joshua did for their designs that used the same inspiration.

Introducing Ariel.  Of course they had to send me a red headed model when I was busy designing a pink collection. Gah!  I actually originally designed this dress on Aurora.  Anyway the black has a bit of a lace effect and I put the hot pink underneath it to show through like strained glass.  Of course the camera didn't pick it up very well.  Anyway, this is my "gown" look.

This is one of my separates looks.  A halter top and pencil skirt (not modeled on Pencil - for shame! hehehe), with a black cape over top.  A bit mall-ish? Yes.  But that's what I design.  And apparently commercial looks aren't a no-no this season.


And Pencil is wearing my favourite look.  Terry took one look at this outfit and said, "that looks like something you would wear." It totally is.  A fitted pair of pants and a cute top.

The judges were harsh this week.  They told me that I didn't take enough risks and that I designed for myself instead of an audience.  Plus I didn't flush out my inspiration enough.  Ouch!

Oh well, I'm just happy that I figured out three complete looks and sewed them all.  Pencil's head is huge so it was difficult to pull that top over it.  Ariel came in last minute and was about an inch shorter than Aurora - yipes!  and Aurora's hair was out of control. What is up with that mop? It's standing straight up from Lane taking too many combs to it. Ack!

 Anyway, I think they look like they belong in a catalog. All cute standing there like Charlie's Angels.  hehehe

What do you think? 

You can check out the runway for Challenge #11 - For The Birds here.

And follow along with this week's finale challenge in the Flickr Group.


kat said...

I think you collection looks great and you can totally see the girl would would wear it! Welcome to the finale!

Jennie said...

I wish I could see the pink underneath the lace in your evening dress!