Monday, 17 October 2011

Macrame Monday: The Josephine Knot

I was going over the pattern for my plant hanger project and encountered a new knot.

Want to learn the Josephine knot with me?

It is also called a sailor's knot.

And it looks like this...

It looks super complicated - but it really isn't.

I used this handy dandy YouTube video to learn:

See - not that difficult. 

I practiced with a few Josephine knots in a row.

They will be decorating the basket part of my plant hanger. 

Almost ready to go on that project actually.  I've got 112 ft of rope spool knitted.  Only 55 more ft to go!

Until then - practice up on the Josephine knot.  Next week I'll show you some fun projects that you can make with this new knot :D

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