Monday, 10 October 2011


Yeah... so I promised that we would learn a new macrame knot today for Macrame Monday.

But then I realized that it's Thanksgiving - or if you're in Winnipeg it's Jetsgiving.

There is major hoopla forming in our city because of the first NHL regular season Jets game since we got the team back.  And yeah.... I said "we" like I had something to do with it.  I'm proud of my adopted city and even this non-hockey fan is a tad excited about the whole thing.


But enough of that - bring on the turkey!

I roasted up a lovely bird yesterday and we pigged out as usual.  Did you know that turkey dinner is not really that many calories?  Good to know.

I'm thankful for this little guy.

And this big guy and little girl.

I'm thankful for Ole' Bessie whose heart tissue is now helping pump blood through my heart properly.  (I call the donor cow Ole' Bessie cuz.. well... that sounds like a terrific name for a cow).

I'm thankful for this wonderful house we live and that all my family is healthy.

I have a pretty sweet life. 

And if you're a part of it by reading this blog every now and then - then I'm thankful for you too!

Happy Thanksgiving from Team L-T!!

P.S: I updated the blog banner to the one pictured above. We're all tongues it seems :P

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