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How Tuesday: Kids Fanny Pack

I originally created this tutorial for Steph over at The Silly Pearl.

It was posted on September 19th, 2011 over there.  I decided to let my readers enjoy it as well (if you haven't already).


Hi, I'm Tawny from The L-T Experience.  My blog includes the regular adventures of Tawny, Terry, Logan and Lane (Team L-T) with a pile of crafty stuff thrown in for good measure.

When Steph asked me to guest post on her blog, I jumped at the chance.  I always look forward to seeing a post by her in my reader.

We "met" when I tried out her tutorial for Chinese Firecracker Decorations on Chinese New Year. We've been great bloggy buddies ever since.  And she was super nice about my attempt at her lovely tutorial.  Even though they weren't perfect, they didn't turn out too badly :)

My favourite posts on The Silly Pearl involve crafting for kids.  So I thought I'd share a fun 80's throwback fanny pack design for kids with all of you today.

Isn't it cute?  Want to make one in slightly less jarring colors?  My children chose the fabric.  I think it's very appropriate considering we're making a fanny pack.  Neon and 80s fashion go hand in hand don't they? 

Here's how:

Materials Needed:
0.4 yard of main fabric
0.4 yard of lining fabric (this fabric should be of a heavier weight like denim or heavy canvas unless you want to use interfacing on the pieces instead)
0.4 yard of fusible interfacing
- coordinating thread
- plastic buckle of your choice
- a scrap of Velcro

Time Needed:
This project should take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours

Skill Level Needed:
The trickiest part was figuring out how to attach that silly plastic buckle.  The sewing is skill level easy.

Step One:
Cut out the following pieces:
A. 2 rectangles 11 by 7 inches (one of main fabric, one of lining)

B. Two rectangles 4 by 6 inches (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
C. Two rectangles 5.5 by 6 (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
D. Two rectangles 5.5 by 3.5 (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
E. Two rectangles 12 by 2.5 inches (both out of main fabric)
(You may choose to use interfacing to make your fanny pack more sturdy. Cut out all pieces once of interfacing and fuse it according to manufacturers instructions).

Step Two:
Use pieces B. Pin the lining to the pocket piece - right sides together. Stitch around all sides leaving an inch of two along the bottom for turning.  Trim seams, Turn right side out. Pin pocket onto main fabric piece (A) on whichever side you'd like.  Stitch along both sides and bottom, making sure to close the hole while stitching.

Stitch 2 straight lines about an inch apart from the top of the pocket to the bottom in order to make pencil holding columns.

Step Three:
Take pieces C and D. Cut the bottoms to make them rounded.  I just eyeballed mine, but you could use a bowl or CD or anything round to help cut the bottoms.

Prepare pocket C and Pocket Flap D in the same manner as you did for pocket B (right sides together, stitch all sides leaving an opening. Make sure to leave the opening along the bottom for pocket C and the top for flap D.

Before you sew the pocket onto the main piece of fabric, attach the Velcro.  Cut a small piece of Velcro and centre the hook side of it onto the top of the pocket.  Stitch in place.

Then pin your pocket onto the main piece beside your pencil holding pocket.  Stitch in place along the rounded edge making sure to close the hole you left.

Pin and Stitch the top pocket flap in place along the top of the pocket.  Measure where the remaining piece of Velcro needs to be and stitch it in place on the pocket flap.

Step Four:
Fold the two long sides and one short side of belt pieces E down 1/4 inch and press.  Then fold the long pieces in half and press again.  This will make the belt shape you want.  Stitch two lines along the belt pieces (one to close  up your fold and one for decoration).

Pin the belt pieces on each side of the main fabric pieces close to the top.  Baste in place.

For the next step, I found it helpful to pin the belt pieces in place in the center of the main piece just to keep them out of the way.

Step Five:
Pin the main fabric piece to the lining piece A - right sides together.  Stitch around all sides making sure to leave a couple of inches opening.  Trim seams and turning right side out.  Top Stitch around all sides making sure to close the hole you left.  Attach plastic buckle (this seriously was the most frustrating step.  How on earth do those things go on?). 

Voila!  The 80s called and they want their neon fanny pack back.  Hehehehe

My son "wrote" out a grocery list just like his daddy was doing and placed it in the Velcro pocket.  He then put his pencil in the holder and he was set for a grocery shopping trip with daddy.  Like totally rad dude!


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