Tuesday, 11 October 2011

How Tuesday: Bazinga Glitter Headband


These headbands are so fun to make and even more fun to wear!
Wanna make your own?

Supplies Needed:
- Sticky backed glitter foam
- Sticky backed glitter foam letters (optional because you can cut the letters out yourself if you'd like)
- headband of your choice
- hot glue
*** The best part about all of these supplies is that I found them all at the dollar store.  Yay!


Time Needed:
- 15 minutes.

Skill Level Needed:
- Super Easy (my 4 year old can help me as long as I watch him with the scissors and glue)

Start by planning out your design.  You will need foam for the back and front of the headband. Cut them out opposite to each other.  If you don't like to get glitter in your hair, then you might want to cut out normal foam for the back that lays against your head.  But who the heck doesn't like glitter in their hair?

Then peel off the backing from the front and back pieces.  Carefully stick them together over the headband.  The backings of the glitter foam really sticks to itself, so be careful.  Trim wherever there is sticky showing or you'll have some hair pulling when you try to wear it.

Here's what it looks like from the back.

Next, peel all the rest of the decorations and stick them on the headband where you want them.  Use a little hot glue to stick them down after you have them the way you want.  You really don't need to glue them down because it should stick well enough, but I found with multiple hair and headband adjustments, the letter might get loose.  They don't stick as well to the glitter side of the foam as they do to the back.

Make more!  With different exclamations.

ZOINKS! This one was the first one I made.  It's mine - all mine!

Available at Tawny Bee:
On Etsy
On Zibbet

Available at Tawny Bee:
On Etsy
On Zibbet

Available at Tawny Bee:
On Etsy
On Zibbet

Of course the tutorial one is also available:
On Etsy
On Zibbet

Available at Tawny Bee:
On Etsy
On Zibbet

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

you are such a cute geek! glitter, crafting and a BBT reference all in one post - awesome!

Unknown said...

Totally cute!!!

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

Those are so funny! I love the ZAP one. And the glitter in the hair is an added bonus. I am a new follower from Too Cute Tuesday. Vicky from www.messforless.net

J's mom said...

I would love it if you would link this to my link party, and any others you may have. Thanks, It just started :)