Thursday, 27 October 2011

11 Years

I'm supposed to reveal my final "Wow" look for Project Project Runway today.

But ... uh... it's been an incredibly busy week.

I've been working on this:

 Times two.

And this:

Times two.

So that Logan and Lane will be the cutest Thing 1 and Thing 2 ever!

And every year I seem to think that this year the costumes will be easier - that I won't put as much stress on getting them perfect and coming up with something incredible.  But then I get to thinking that the hair needs to be sewn on in individual curls because that would be really awesome... and yeah... I end up with something complicated on my hands.

In other news as to why this week rocks - Terry and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary today! :D

I know, technically we've only been married for a year and a bit - but we first starting dating way back in 2000 at the University Residence Halloween Social.  Awww...

I love you Terry with all my heart!

Happy Anniversary!

We're going out for dinner tonight and have declared this day an official "cheat on the diet" day.  Hooray!

So... I haven't been working very hard on my final design for Project Project Runway.

But I do have a really cool retrospective of all my previous designs to share with you:

As you can see I really enjoyed using patterned fabric this season.  I'm also partial to shades of brown.

My favourite designs were:

The Rock Star Challenge - that one was aces! (third row, first photo)
I also really like my look for the New Balance challenge (second row, first photo)

The looks that I would like a do-over on:
The Avant Gard challenge - this ended up being mostly glue (Second row, second photo)
The "Make Your Own Fabric" challenge - although I loved my fabric, I couldn't make it work as I wanted it to (Second row, third photo)


I'll show you my big final project next week on Thursday! :D

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kat said...

Look forward to seeing your final look