Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Weight Loss Journey: Week One

I started this weight loss journey last week.  So far so good.

Week one:
- down 3 lbs
- weigh in = 171 lbs
- Exercised 5 out of 7 days
- successful at keeping under my daily calorie allowance 7 out of 7 days


Monday this past week was the toughest day.  I had two custom orders on the go.  I want so much to get these orders just right.  I always stress out over custom orders because I realize that these people took the time to seek out someone who could help them make the vision in their head a reality.  So much pressure!  And when I'm stressed, I eat.  Phew!  I barely made it on Monday with only about 27 calories left over.  Gah...

But I lost 3 lbs already!  I couldn't believe when I stepped on the scale these past few days.  I always weigh myself in the evening before going to bed.  That's my heaviest point.  And last night I had to step on the scale twice and shift around and make sure that it was calibrated properly before I would believe my eyes.  Down 3 lbs!  Yay!

Terry has been so supportive through this whole thing.  He's actually counting calories right along with me and we both suffered on Saturday night when we didn't get to eat spinach dip and drink beer.  He even went to the grocery store with the intention of reading some of the calorie counts on our fave foods.  And he found us a low calorie pizza alternative to snack on for Saturday night!  :D

Isn't he the best?  I'm not even too miffed at him for getting 250 more calories than I get a day.  Men needs more calories or something.... pfffft....

As God is my witness. I'll always be hungry again!

Homer is awesome.


Unknown said...

You love Homer...reason #304985340985 why I love you.

Congrats on the 3 are so brave to weigh yourself in the evening! And congrats on making it through Saturday without the usual dip and beer. And congrats on finding a husband that ROCKS!

PrairiePeasant said...

You go girl! Keep remembering your success when you reach for that cookie!