Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Showcase: Red Velvet Shop

As some of you may have seen on my Fanpage - I ordered the Blue Velvet Dress from Red Velvet a few weeks ago.  I loved it the second I saw it and knew that I had to have it.

It came in the mail this past week!  And it's even better in person!

I styled it with jeans underneath only because it was a bit cold this morning and I knew that I'd be running around with the kids.  Can't really wear tights and a short dress when you're continually bending over to pick up kids.  But take a look at the shoes.  I scoured Lethbridge for these shoes back in the day (1998) and couldn't find any "Spice Girl" shoes.  I finally found a pair in my size in Calgary.  I've had them ever since and luuuurve them.  Who doesn't love shoes that make a girl 4 inches taller and that aren't heels?  The choker necklace (which you can barely see in any of these photos) is from Ashley at Off The Hooks who included it with my crocheted hat a few years ago.  So pretty blue!

See? The kids won't even let me take pictures without being in the background.  I was in their playroom after all.  Aren't they adorable?  Isn't this dress fabulous?

It was designed by Elsie for her new autumn dress line.  Check out all the other dresses she has for sale on her site. I would buy one of each if I had the money.  So adorable and flattering! :D

Just check out that back!  Sexy!  I love the bell sleeves as well.  Although I won't tell you how much tarter sauce I got on them when reaching to cut up Lane's fish and chips today - *cough* A LOT *cough*

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

love it! get some leggings to go with!
then you can chase the kids to your hearts content