Thursday, 1 September 2011

Project Project Runway: Off The Track Results

This week's challenge on Project Project Runway was to create an outfit to go with Heidi's New Balance Sneakers. But it wasn't supposed to be workout wear.


And we were supposed to use denim or suede in the design (because these are the materials in the shoes).

Here's what I came up with:

Considerably less Papa Don't Preach video than I originally thought it would be. Awesome.

The sewing was a bit of a challenge this week. Trying to sew tiny fitted tops for Aurora out of denim was extremely difficult. Not only is it a stiff material, but it also frays a lot! Grr...

I think the top turned out super cute though. And I love that Barbie has a bit of a chest. I don't think some of those flat chested models could pull this look off. And yes... I just complimented Aurora's knockers. hehehe

This outfit will look good with sneakers as well. Here is Aurora wistfully wishing she were outside running in her shoes instead of stuck inside modelling for the day.

Of course the New Balance runners are the choice for styling. Because we didn't have a choice. I like these ones!

Overall I think I've done well this week. Heidi would love the strapless top and the capris aren't terrible either. Although the judges might get on me for designing pants every single week for the past three weeks. Gotta break out into something else.

Terry says the belt didn't turn out half as karate as he thought it would. But it still looks sporty enough to fit in with the shoes.

What do you think? Did I miss the mark this week? Was it kind of a silly challenge considering it wasn't supposed to be workout wear and yet they wanted it to go with the running shoes? What did you think about the actual Project Runway Episode? Let me just say that my favourite was actually Bert's (surprise!) and I thought I could have whipped up Anya's Maxi dress winner in about 40 minutes. Boring.

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Which are your faves?


kat said...

It was a hard challenge because Heidi made it sound like say away from work out wear and then the judges kept asking how would you work out in this?! Huh? After reading your post I'm glad I stayed away from denim though you handled it well.

Jennie said...

I think that's super cute. I think Heidi and even Michael would like it.