Thursday, 29 September 2011

Project Project Runway Image Is Everything - Results

Our Project Project Runway challenge this week:

Musicians want a style that is iconic and unique to them. Create an image for one of the guys in the band The Sheepdogs.  We don’t want to require everyone to get a male doll, but if you have one feel free to use it. Otherwise, create a menswear look to be modeled by your female model. (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Let  me tell you that this was by far my favourite challenge thus far in the season.

And it was a menswear challenge...

Hmmm... that is saying a lot isn't it?

Or maybe it was the rock star in me itching to get out.

I started by doing some research about these Sheepdogs.

They are a 70s inspired Classic Rock band from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  EEEE!!!!

Rock star ensemble for Canadian rockers? I got this!

So I started thinking.  How to make it them look cool, larger than life, and still be able to play their instruments?  I immediately thought of the most amazing rock star pants from the Sheryl Crow video for Steve McQueen.  So bad ass.

What if I did a Canadian version, and adapted it to menswear?


Aurora had some severe flashbacks to her circus days with the bearded lady and said there was no way she was going to model menswear.  And then she heard that I wanted her to play guitar as well.  No way!  She was very concerned that her elbow condition would make her a disaster.

Luckily, Lane let me borrow her model whom she named Pencil.

So Pencil will be modelling the ensemble for us because Ken was nowhere to be found in our house.

Canadian rocker pants.  A white tunic style shirt and a fake micro suede vest with Macrame'd chevrons.  Gotta have the chevrons as an homage to the Aboriginal tradition that is so strong an influence in Canada (and especially the prairie provinces).

Here is Pencil doing a serious rock pose for us.  I was going to make a bushy beard for her, but the cross dressing would distract from the outfit.  And I love this outfit so much that I couldn't possibly allow it.

A close up of the tunic.  I should have taken the photo before she rocked out because there was sparkle tape holding her micro-macramed guitar strap on and it got all over her tunic.


I was with Heidi and Josh this week when they wanted to bring attention to the crotch area.  Come on - these guys are supposed to be rock stars.  Flaunt it!  So my pants are laced up at the crotch with red, white and black lacing.

From the back.  Pencil is doing her best to stand like a man.


Here she... um... I mean... he... is posing under the glare of the stage lights.  I macramed both the Chevron decoration on the vest and the guitar strap. 

So... what do you think?

Did I nail it this week?

I think the judges would totally go for this.  It's enough 70s inspiration with the bell bottom pants, suede vest and tunic.  But it's updated and so rock star!

It was so sad that the designers on the show didn't live up to this challenge as much as I hoped that they would. It was so disappointing to see some of those outfits come down the runway.  Yikes!

And everybody thank Pencil for gracefully showing off her mad guitar skills and modelling a menswear outfit for us today :D

You can catch up with all the designs this week in the Flickr group.

And see the runway from last week's What Women Want challenge here.


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