Thursday, 15 September 2011

Project Project Runway: Can't We All Just Get Along Challenge Results

This week's challenge was a little bit difficult to translate into miniature.  The real Project Runway designers were tasked with creating their own fabric design as well as making a video to play on the runway.

Here's how we translated our Project Project Runway Challenge:
Design a fabric – and make sure the fabric is featured in your look. Help us understand the source of your inspiration.
If you are feeling ambitious, show us a few sketches about how you would picture the rest of your collection.
And don’t fight with yourself. : )
(Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

My inspiration was an autumn sunrise.  Although Terry thinks my fabric looks more like a funky equalizer.  Which is cool, but I don't really feel like designing nightclubbing gear.  So Autumn sunrise it is!  I was actually thinking about how beautiful the sky looks while I walk my little guy to kindergarten.  My original inspiration was to design something chic that a mom could wear while corralling her kids to school on an autumn morning. 


Unfortunately, my original design - a really cool raglan sleeved coat didn't work out so well.  I ironed my design onto some fabric and thought that due to it's stiffness with the iron on transfer, I might get a really nice coat out of it.  Well, I forgot to take into account the stiffness of Aurora's movement.  That blasted elbow deformity has struck again.  The sleeves ended up being impossibly stiff and I was unable to get Aurora to put her arms down in the coat :(

So the Tim Gunn in my head gave me a pep talk before I started bawling and convinced me that the coat could be salvaged as a pretty cute sleeveless vest? apron?  Not sure...  


I actually like the way this turned out.  So after my little temper tantrum in the bathroom over my poor sleeves, everything worked out just fine. 


I added a little gingham touch to the edges and the new strappy sleeves.  I put some orange buttons down the front.  I sewed a quick, very boring orange dress for underneath - not really proud of that.  Hopefully the judges won't be too hard on me.  Like Olivier, I spent way too much time on my coat and kind of whipped up the dress last minute.  I hope the coat gets me through this week.

The back is really special.  I love the heart buttons I put on the belt.  And the fabric is so nice!  I wish someone would really make this fabric for me.  I love it so much!


It even looks good from the sides.

I chose this beautiful pollen Kate Spade bag for Aurora to carry on the runway.

So what do you think?  Is there enough inspiration there for others to create a few more looks like in the Project Runway episode?  I think it ended up looking a little more 60s mod than I had originally thought.  That teaches me for not sketching a terrible sketch this week.  I can't seem to get it proper in my head without one, no matter how badly drawn.

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Jennie said...

I love the amount of detail you put into these tiny garments.