Monday, 5 September 2011

Macrame Monday: Chinese Braided Autumn Neck Warmer

This past weekend has got me thinking about Autumn. Logan will begin Kindergarten this week and the weather is getting cooler. I don't want to freeze in that brisk Autumn wind this year, so I made this:

A Chinese Braided Autumn Neck Warmer. So pretty!

Remember all that spool knitting I was doing?

I knitted the entire skein of both the silver and grey. Then I knitted 2 skeins of the white because it was so thick and puffy.

I laid it out on the floor and separated the strands into the 4 silver, 4 white and 8 grey I needed for a Chinese Braid (remember that from last week? I told you I was planning something).

I tied the strands onto my dowel and began braiding.

Sorry for the picture of my feet (and for the picture of me sticking out my tongue further along in this post - fair warning!)

Here it is all nicely braided. If I had used a lighter weight yarn for the white section, I probably could have made a really long scarf with this technique. But I loved the white too much to pass up, so I have to settle for a chunky neck warmer instead.

Here are the ends. What to do about those? Well I used the extra grey pieces I had at the bottom and tied both ends up tight with them. Then I used the some of the silver and white that I had saved and made pom poms. I braided some of the white together into a normal three stranded braid to use as a cord to attach my pom poms to each end.

Then I went out a modeled the neck warmer for you even though it's actually warm out here today. Terry took the photos so you can see that he snapped it just as I was laughing at the kids...

And sticking out my tongue....

Good job babe!

Well that's one piece of my autumn wardrobe done. Now what shall I make?

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Unknown said...

Oh pretty and cozy! I love the pattern that the macrame created! Great colors and looks so cute on you.