Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Big Girl Bed

Well we've finally done it - we bought a big girl bed for Lane.


My little girl is growing up.

Logan was about this age when we started him on his bed, but I still can't get over how small the kids look in that big mess of blankets and pillows.

And don't forget about the puppies!  Lane couldn't sleep without all of her stuffed puppies around her.  At least there is more room for them in the bed than there was in the crib.

Lane was sick yesterday so we weren't sure how the first night in the big girl bed would go.  Actually we were just keeping our fingers crossed that she wouldn't barf on her brand new bed on the very first night.  That could scar a child for life couldn't it?

Anyway, the night went well.  She didn't get up a million times.  She laid in her bed with her puppies and sang her songs and had a merry little time.  And she stayed asleep all night and didn't fall to the ground.  (Although we only have the mattress and box spring on the ground for now until she gets used to it).

Did I mention the mess of blankets are of the Dora the Explorer variety?

A very happy Lane checking out her big girl bed.

Uh Oh, she wasn't sure about being left along in the bed.  She was sick and a tad cranky to begin with, but then she settled down and was perfectly happy in her new bed.  (The crib is still set up beside the bed just in case).

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