Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summertime Plans: Trying New Things

We have been trouble getting Logan to eat much of anything lately. Isn't this a problem that every family has with kids? Such picky eaters - the lot of 'em!

Anyway, we've tried the "he'll eat what we eat for dinner when he's hungry." And we're not going to make him a separate menu to get him to eat. But I have come up with something we're going to try. I made an Eating Chart.

Based loosely on this much more fancy one - it's a little reward system to give Logan some incentive for eating his dinner.

He gets a sticker every time he eats his entire meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner. When he fills the row up with stickers, he gets a reward. He's very excited to try it out. In fact, he ate his entire lunch and dinner today so that he could get a sticker. He's even picked out what reward he wants when he reaches the end - mommy is going to make him some popcorn on the stove and he gets to sprinkle it with cheese topping. Good prize eh?

Terry and I both think that Logan was feeling a little sad about giving up potty training stickers. He's a big boy now but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy getting stickers. So this is a good way to bring them back and give him another goal to work towards.

To supplement this new game, I'll be planning some food and nutrition activities.

Not quite sure what yet, but I think one of the things we need to work on the most is about trying new things. Maybe we'll come up with a list of weird or interesting foods that the kids have never tried. Then we'll find a recipe that uses that food and make it up for dinner with the promise that they will at least give it a taste. Maybe if they get to choose some of the food ingredients and see how it goes into our meal, maybe they will be more willing to eat it. Or... at least that's the theory I'm working on.

Maybe we'll have some blind taste tests. It might be fun to try to figure out what a food is by touch or smell or taste instead of looking at it. I'll cut up an apple, some watermelon, pieces of cheese, and raisins and place in bowls. Then we'll close out eyes and try to guess what they are. I bet Logan would really go for that game.

How do you teach your kids about trying new things?


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anita said...

Love it, that's brilliant, Tawny! Caitlyn's still a VERY picky eater, but Devin's getting good about trying new things. It usually helps to tell him what the foods are doing for him, i.e. for spinach "Wow, I see your muscles getting stronger!" or for carrots "I think you will have super x-ray eyes!". I love your blind taste test too, keep the ideas coming.

Tawny said...

Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes. We started with a basic egg salad sandwich to see if Logan would eat it if he helped make it. I let him add the paprika, the mayo and even some parmesan cheese (his fave!) and see how it went together. He still wouldn't eat it :(