Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summertime Plans: Beat The Heat Wrap Up

I was kind of thinking that as soon as I posted that our summertime plans for the past two weeks was to beat the heat, that all of a sudden it wouldn't be hot outside anymore. Isn't that the way nature works? When you expect something to stick around for awhile, mother nature throws you a curve ball?

Well that didn't happen. It's still hot in Winnipeg. I'm not complaining. I remember when it was so cold outside that I couldn't get Logan to school which is only a block away. So hanging out in the air conditioned basement doesn't seem that bad.

But we have done other things to beat the heat.

We've gone to the wading pool A LOT!

Logan is getting tired of posing for my pictures. So now he's all about making strange faces when I tell him to look at mommy so that I can a photo.

Lane isn't any better. I wanted a funny family picture once and asked her to stick out her tongue. Now she does it every time I pull out the camera. Goon!

They have quite the set up going at the wading pool. It's been so hot that most parents and children won't venture to this particular wading pool. No shade! Ack! But that just means that my kids have the whole pool to themselves to spread out and play. Yay!

Earlier last week, both kids came down with a bit of a summer cold. Runny noses and scratchy throats all around. Boourns. So we had to move our picnicking indoors.

I had promised them that we could have a picnic outside and play in the sprinkler (another fun activity that we've been doing a lot of this past week). But since they weren't feeling well, I didn't think it was a good idea to be outside running around. They were so upset. So I laid the picnic blanket out in the livingroom, made up some hotdogs and flipped on Kids CBC. They seemed to go for it!

What kinds of things do you do with kids who are under the weather?

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foodmathquilts said...

Thanks for posting those pool pictures. I lived in Portage La Prarie from age 4 to 8, and I think that we had the same style of wading pool in our neighbourhood. Either that, or we visited yours in Winnipeg. I remember it fondly, and still think its a great design.
Thanks for bringing back some fun memories.