Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summertime Plans: Back To School

Trying new things as our summertime plans has worked out pretty well.

I haven't had a chance to try the blind taste test thing out with Logan. I was thinking about doing it today. Note to self: don't try things like this on grocery shopping day. We had nothing in the house to try out for a taste test.

But we have got Logan eating much better. He's already on row three of his eating chart. One of the rewards for completing a row was popcorn.


And even Lane has been trying new things. She started eating right at the table instead of using her tray. Such a big girl. She was so proud of herself.

Logan will now eat some new things as well. Yellow Peppers and cooked onions are among the things that we wouldn't have dared try before we started encouraging this behaviour. My aunt had a great suggestion: Tell him what kind of things the particular food will help him with. For example: "Logan, broccoli is a super food. That means that it has a ton of vitamins that will make you into such a strong boy. I bet you'll be able to jump right out of your chair when you are done because you'll have so much good energy." This totally worked.

Even us parents are trying out new things. We decided to take advantage of some of the fun things to do in our wonderful city for free by taking the kids to Free Movie in the Park last Friday. Normally, we stay at home after dinner. This was a terrific family adventure.

And... shock of all shocks - Terry and I left the kids with grandma and went on a date!

We saw this movie.

There were a ton of questions to ponder when it was over. But it was super nice to get out. This is the first time we've left the kids with someone and gone out in 2 years. Lane was only a few months old the last time we went out. And yes, this does include our wedding night, which we spent at home with the kids. Sad? yeah... but it is our life without any family living in the city.

Anyway, onto summertime plans for this week.

It's the last summertime plans that I have for you this year.

And it's all about back to school.

Not only do we have to shop for school shoes, sew up some kindergarten clothes and go to a meet the teacher conference, we also have to learn how to get up at 7:00 every day.

Well, Lane wakes up at 6:45 every morning, so she's good. Logan gets up at 8:30 on average though. Yipes! It's going to be a pain in the bum to wake him up at 7:00. So, starting one week before school begins, I'm going to start waking him up at this dreaded time in an attempt to get him used to it a little bit.

Ooooh it's going to be painful for the both of us. Lane won't notice a difference hehehe.

Do you have any back to school plans?

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