Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Of No Pants: The End is Near

I have to admit - I've been doing miserably on the Summer of No Pants this month. It's been hot for a really long time here. I'm not complaining about that. But wearing a dress is impossible. I've been wearing whatever is comfortable and sporty in order to keep up with the kids. Luckily, this still includes my bathing suits (which totally count as no pants!)

I have still been wearing a skirt of dress for about 4 days out of 7, so I haven't failed completely. I've just been cycling through my nice sundresses.

The only one that you haven't seen on me yet would be this one:

My Canadian sundress with ducks, moose, Canadian geese, etc on it. I love the blue colour and I made it so that's a plus!

I've learned that if I put on the dress pictured below, my kids will do anything I ask. They seem to respond really well to this one. They like it very much and like to be near mommy when I'm wearing it.

Odd eh? I wonder if it's the length, or the colour, or the beads on the straps? Whatever it is, I tend to wear this dress quite a bit.

Summer is almost over. I expect the weather to take a nasty turn soon. Mother Nature would never let Winnipeg have nice weather for this long unless we have a particularly harsh winter to make up for it. I think I might have to start working on some warmer/heavier skirts to incorporate into my Fall wardrobe.

Do you have any Autumn wardrobe advice, patterns that you enjoy, etc for me? Are you busy getting ready for the coming season, or still a little bit in denial that it's even coming like I am?


kolotosa said...

I have some to associate fall with plaids and argyle, not really sure why that is. I've grown fond of sweater-vests, so that might be speaks to a certain level of preppy-ness. :P

I like summer okay but I love the Fall. The colours are better, and I can finally hide my disgusting feet in my boots again without them melting off. Good times!

Tawny said...

I love plaids and argyle as well. And the colours for fall are always much nicer. I'm just not looking forward to trudging the kid to school in all the muck and wet snow that happens here in the fall :( Hopefully I'll look good doing it though!

chezmay said...

Living in a subtropical climate we don't have 4 seasons so I envy you and your range of clothes. Here I wear summer clothes year round and just add a light sweater or jacket during the cooler months. Daytime temps. rarely fall below 20 degrees Celsius here.