Monday, 1 August 2011

Project Project Runway: Week One Workbench

There will be no Macrame Monday today because I've been working on a huge project and haven't had any time for macrame :(

I promise it will be back next Monday with all sorts of new ideas :D

I have had time to mess around with Barbie clothes though because I can do that by hand in front of the TV in the evening after the kids go to bed.

The week one challenge for Project Project Runway is Come As You Are.

We were allowed to use a white piece of fabric to simulate a Barbie sized bed sheet and a piece of fabric resembling our own PJs.

Once I gathered my materials, I started sketching.

Yeah... I'm a terrible sketcher.

Oh well. I'm working on making a short dress by combining the two pieces of fabric.

Here's the start of the skirt. So tiny!

Problems I've run into so far:

I am a Barbie clothes noob. I never really had Barbie's when I was a kid and I bought Aurora without clothes, so I have no idea what to use to close the clothes. I tried a hook and eye attachment, but it was extremely difficult to open and close. I think I'm going to go with a tiny snap. Anyone else have some ideas?

Wish me luck on making the top! The clock is ticking :)


kolotosa said...

Thinking back to my (solitary) Barbie and the clothes it had, I seem to remember they fastened with either tiny snaps like you mentioned, or also velcro. Depending on the type of clothes you're making maybe you could even just use thin ribbons and tie bows or stuff too. :)

kolotosa said...

For clarity RE: ribbons, I mean like, on halter tops or dress straps, that kind of stuff. IDK my brain is mushy. Stupid vodka.


kat said...

Yes, closures are totally an issue. The store bought clothes seem to rely heavily on velcro but I found that even tricky. Since my outfits don't get reused I tend to sew my doll into them (just like the designers often do on the show;)

Tawny said...

I was also thinking ribbons or ties would be great. For this project of course I started sewing the skirt and then realized I had no way of closing it.

Velcro might work as well. Although that seems a little fussy. I used a small plastic snap and it worked great. We'll see what happens throughout the rest of the challenges. I might end up sewing the clothes onto my model as well :D