Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Project Project Runway: Week 4 Workbench

This week's Project Project Runway Challenge is all about our favourite fashion judge Nina Garcia.

Create a look Nina can wear to work in the day and then to an industry event in the evening. She tends to wear classic with an edge, clean, stream-lined, tailored silhouettes. She does not like voluminous clothes, pleats, loud colors or load patterns. She does not want to see a bunch of grey garments going down the runway though.
(courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Great. No loud colours. No bold prints. Gah.

She hates every. single. thing. I design.

This challenge really makes me want to slap a huge pink bow on her ass just for kicks.

But I'll be a good designer and come up with something boring for Nina.

Again, I apologize for my lack of sketching skills. A streamlined top without too much embellishment and some shiny pants. Yes, Nina didn't say anything about shiny :D And I'm going to try to make pockets on the pants (even though Aurora's arm can't bend to reach into them) and a front closure. Basically I'm keeping it boring, boring boring.

I went to Mood (my scrap pile) and found these two fabrics to work with. Brown and Black. Note: it is extremely difficult to photograph this brown. I tried a plain white background but there was too much glare from the shine. So I'm not actually using the patchwork purple in the photo, just the fabric above it. Hopefully the brown will translate better to the runway. I thought that I had some shiny denim-ish blue fabric in my pile that would have been perfect for this project. It seems that I've used every scrap.

So I'm blaming the lighting in Mood. I could have sworn that I bought blue fabric, but when I got back to the workroom it was brown! ACK! What will I do?

Tim came by and lamented with me over this serious colour mistake. In the end I'll just have to make it work. No worries though, I won't give up and I'll actually defend my choice if confronted. :) Brown is even more Nina than shiny blue anyway.

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Jennie said...

This sounds like such a fun project. I love your trips to 'Mood' and feedback from Tim and the judges! Hope Nina places you above the bottom two!