Thursday, 11 August 2011

Project Project Runway: My Pet Project Challenge Results


The unconventional materials challenge kinda kicked my ass this week.

You remember the supplies I chose?

Yeah... those were toughies.

At least my model behaved this week. Although she kinda had no choice since I had to Macrame her into her dress hehehe

Here she is modelling my creation. I actually don't think it turned out that badly. Even if poor Aurora has to continue waving to everyone at the runway show because she can't lower her arms.

I macramed the clear plastic tubing . I tried the vertical clove hitch knots for the top. As you can see, it won't pull tight. The skirt was more successful. I used the horizontal clove hitch knots and was able to macrame the thing right onto my model which helped keep the knots pulled more tightly.

Then there was the trouble of it being see through. Nina would hate that! I couldn't send a near naked model down the runway. So I broke out my hot glue gun and carefully (with a lot of finger burning) glued the aquarium leaves and flowers on underneath. I like the effect it made. Not too aquarium-ey.

I'm hoping that the glare from the lights on the runway bouncing off the plastic tubing will be enough to hide the mess of a back from Heidi, Michael and Nina. I had to take tubing and then thread and pull them corset-style to get the back closed.

I chose this lovely Tinley Road green pendant necklace from the Piperlime Accessory wall to finish my ensemble. I figured the the necklace would draw the eyes up from all that cleavage heehehe.

Phew! I sure hope I'm safe this week! I won't tell you how long this took me to put together. Let's just say that macrame takes a bloody long time and I spent waaay too much time playing with Barbies this week.

*** psst: You can visit this link to see the entire runway for the first challenge (Come As You Are)


kat said...

Wow, you really worked those materials.

Kathleen said...

a daring outfit! I can't imagine how hard all that knotting must have been.

Jessica Hanley said...

What a challenge! I bet she'll stay afloat in any aquarium wearing this.

Tawny said...

Yeah... I think my outfit was more in the realm of weird unwearable, but interesting nonetheless. I think the judges would be impressed by all that knotting. But it still isn't really runway ready fashion. meh. At least all of her was covered, which was the biggest challenge hehehe